Energy-saving windows

Energy-saving windows

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Energy-saving windows: the high-efficiency windows protect the house from heat loss and can be purchased by taking advantage of the tax breaks provided by the 2016 Stability Law.

Doors and windows represent the weak link in the insulation of buildings: they connect the inside of the building to the outside and if they are not well structured, they leave room for heat loss. On the market there is no shortageenergy-saving windowsborn to improve the thermal insulation of the house. If you are considering the replacement of the fixtures, in addition to the energy class of the windows, you will need to inquire about the burglary safety class; for more information, please refer to the pageSecurity and burglar-proof windows.

Energy-saving windows and tax deductions

For those who buy this type of fixtures are providedtax deductions at 65%. The costs to be deducted, at the time of the tax return, concern both the purchase of the windows and their installation. Tax deductions of 65% on the purchase ofenergy-saving windowsare active throughout 2016 and can be obtained by running aenergy requalification of the building.Those who replace the fixtures by 31 December 2016, even if they do not choose energy efficient windows, will still be able to count on the tax deductions provided by the restructuring bonus but in this case, the amount to be deducted only covers 50% of the expenditure incurred.

From 1 January 2017, with the updating of the text of the 2017 stability law, the benefit will be confirmed but to a reduced extent: the amount to be deducted will drop to 36%.

Energy-saving windows

At the time of purchase, in order to access the tax deductions, there are parameters to take into consideration. The Revenue Agency makes it known that for access to personal income tax deductions it is necessary to "Obtain an annual primary energy requirement limit value for winter air conditioning that is at least 20% lower than the values ​​shown in a table of the Revenue Agencies ".The table in question is shown below. The values ​​expressed in the table indicate the thermal transmittance of the windows. It is precisely on the basis of the thermal transmittance that theenergy saving classification of fixtures.

As can be seen from the table, the current legislation requires compliance with the thermal transmittance limits which, however, change based on the location. In this regard, there are six very specific climatic bands; it goes from zone A where we find the hottest areas of our country up to zone F of the alpine areas.

At the time of purchase, make sure that thewindowschoices respond toenergy certificationsprovided for by current legislation. The parameter that is taken into consideration to draw up the certification is that of thermal transmittance, that is the average value of the heat flow that passes from a warmer to a colder environment in a square meter of frame. This calculation is carried out with specific experiments in the laboratory or, approximately, using a mathematical method.

The best energy saving fixtures are composed of thermal insulating materials, the most efficient combine wood and aluminum or take advantage of the insulating power of PVC.

PVC is a good thermal insulator and is the most accessible material. It resists atmospheric agents, offers excellent acoustic and thermal insulation, is durable and is well suited for homes furnished in a modern style. PVC windows are particularly recommended for houses built on the sea or in extremely humid mountain environments: compared to wood they are more resistant to humidity and salt.

Windows in aluminum wood (i.e. made with a combination of wood and aluminum materials) are placed on the market with higher prices but, in many cases, they manage to offer a higher degree of insulation.

The only material fromto monitorit is not that of profiles. When purchasingenergy-saving windowsit will be necessary to take a look at the double glass and its transmittance factor. For more information, please read the articleEnergy saving with windows.

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