Safari: a green adventure

Safari: a green adventure

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The Safari it is a long excursion characterized by full immersion in nature with the sole purpose of learning about and observing wildlife. The Safari, once practiced by hunters, has now become a cult among nature-loving photographers: no poaching, the only thing thattourist can capture is only a beautiful photograph of the animal, no hunting trophies only of the healthynature tourism!

The most visited place is Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, Mozambique). Many of these areas have been considered a common heritage of humanity by UNESCO. It is true, Africa is the most popular destination and when it comes to safariit is difficult to imagine marine sanctuaries, the imagination projects us straight into the steppe of the savannah, perhaps with a rhino on the horizon!

It is also possible to go on safaris in other areas of our planet, with landscapes that are very different from those of the African continent but certainly no less interesting, such as those in 4 × 4 organized in Polynesia, on the island of Tahiti. The hinterland of the island can be explored through safariwhich leave at dawn and return to the resorts in the evening.

Those who venture to discover a wild and unspoiled location immediately understand the need for a 4 x 4. These vehicles lead visitors to never-beaten paths, rough roads and winding territories without running the risk of being "bogged down"

Asafariit is not a vacation, but a journey that can change your life, an experience capable of arousing strong emotions and that can inspire a deep love forecotourism.

Wildlife lovers cannot help but fall in love with Tanzania and Kenya: Masai, Mara, Amboseli National Park, Ngorogoro Crater… are just some of the places to explore.

Every safarinoteworthy also includes a real immersion in the culture of local peoples, with organized visits to villages that allow you to understand how you live in a habitat so different from ours.

The incredible places that you can admire on a safari

Among the most popular places in Africa, there is the legendary Kruger National Park, in South Africa, a wild and spectacular journey. Here isafarithey are made in the company of a ranger who will guide visitors through herds of rhinos and ponds of hippos. The ranger, aboard a vehicle or even through guided treks, will be able to offer visitors close encounters with the famous "Big 5" (elephant, lion, leopard, rhino and buffalo), while ensuring maximum safety.

The wildlife of Kruger National Park includes many other fascinating animals: zebras, giraffes, gazelles, monkeys and astonishingly sized birds such as the large bataleur.


Safari: tips for photographs

Organizing a safari for your holidays certainly requires a not negligible economic investment and often in our life we ​​have the opportunity to make only one. For this reason, it is important to leave prepared and with adequate equipment.

So here are our tips on what to remember to bring to avoid… "biting your fingers" :-) when you are in the presence of the "Lion King":

  • two cameras: nowadays the prices of cameras are relatively low and bringing two cameras with you could be a winning choice to protect you from any malfunctions
  • replacement batteries: it is important to remember that the batteries of digital cameras have a limited life. So bring at least 2 or 3 batteries.
  • a memory card additional to the main one and possibly a portable hard disk to download the photos taken at the end of the day.
  • telephoto lenses rather than wide angle. Animals will not always be close to each other so a telephoto lens will allow you to take beautiful images avoiding the risk of portraying "a dot in an endless savannah".
  • converters for sockets: forgetting to check the type of socket used in the country of destination could cost you very dearly! ;-) The converters cost a few Euros and you can buy them in the main appliance stores or IT department stores or online on Amazon.
  • solar charger: you will not always have an outlet at hand and the new solar chargers are starting to be very efficient, especially in places where the sun is not lacking. Do not be "fooled" by taking the 4 penny ones: my advice to find something decent and really working is to focus on models that open and have solar cells on a good surface, like the RAVPower available on Amazon for around 45 Euros.

Safari at Tsavo East Park in Kenya: Matteo's photos

Below I propose three shots taken by Matteo Di Felice, the founder of IdeeGreen, in a safari made a few years ago at Tsavo East Park, in Kenya.

The "king of the savannah" looks at me: who knows what he may be thinking ...

But how happy is he with his bike even though it is twice his height? :-)

What to comment? Sunset on the savannah is one of the magical moments of safaris

Video: Safari Jeff and Shannons Great Green Adventure Show (January 2023).