Tilia Tomentosa: ownership

Tilia Tomentosa: ownership

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Tilia Tomentosa, a plant that as a natural remedy frees us from many torments, both physical and psychological. It is also known as glyceric macerate of lime, among the most technical, precise and experienced, and is classified just like that among the gemmotherapics. It is produced starting from the buds of this plant, but what interests us most is its beneficial effect. Indeed, its beneficial effects.

Tilia Tomentosa: ownership

The glyceric macerate of lime despite the unpleasantly long and negatively evocative name, it is in fact an excellent cure for those who are passing by moments of anxiety, for those suffering from insomnia, chronic or not, or in the case of stress and depression. These are the main fields in which the Tilia Tomentosa she is a champion among gemmotherapy, but thinking about it, these are situations that give rise to numerous physical ailments, from the most banal to the strangest.

Here she is Tilia Tomentosa, acting at the root, it also resolves those that are, to all intents and purposes, the pure consequences of our "tormented" state of mind. We are therefore in the presence of a gemmotherapeutic remedy which has a really wide range of action, we will see some examples later, gastritis first of all, just to mention a rather common evil.

Other properties of the Tilia Tomentosa are those of analgesic, for example, for headache recurring, without neglecting his "magic" by also entering the sexual sphere: it seems to be helpful in case of premature ejaculation, if due toperformance anxiety which generates stress. In cases of this type, it is necessary to pay attention to the dosage: it must be reduced compared to the standard one for stop insomnia, to avoid unpleasant consequences, far from the desired effects.

Tilia Tomentosa: mother tincture

The mother tincture of Tilia Tomentosais obtained by letting the buds of the lime tree tear apart in a mixture of water and alcohol, then the liquids obtained are filtered and, after a few days, hydroalcoholic solution "Magical". But so far we have talked about glycerine macerate: to obtain it it is necessary to macerate the buds of the plant in a compound also containing glycerin. In this way the liquid obtained is particularly active, just like it happens for tilia tomentosa.

One of the most frequent reasons that can lead us to ask for help Tilia Tomentosait is the annoying gastritis, inflammation of the mucous membrane and stomach walls that often arises from the stress and anxiety that grip us. Whether for reasons known to us or not, it doesn't matter to the Tilia Tomentosa which is equally effective. Just like lemon balm which, in addition to being a excellent sedative and a superb potion for good mood, it hunts all the ailments that like the damn gastritis, are effects of stress.

Tilia Tomentosa: drops

I hope it will be enough for a while, 60 ml of Tilia Tomentosa, to silence the anxiety and stress of our days: a 10 euro bottle is easy to buy online and we can experience for ourselves if our stomach ache, or headache, subsides once taken care of the mood that hides behind these symptoms.

Tilia Tomentosa: posology

In general the glycerine macerate of Tilia Tomentosa it can be taken in doses of about 30 drops three times a day, preferably between meals. These numbers are just to give you an idea, because before using drops and macerates, mother tinctures and the like, I always recommend consulting a expert, doctor or herbalist, which can indicate the exact dose that is right for us. With all the different uses that the Tilia Tomentosa has, as we have just seen, it is obvious that from time to time, drop by drop, it should be used well, without abusing it.

An example is that of the sexual dysfunctions that need to be treated, much lower doses than a chronic insomniac can afford to avoid spending nights staring at the ceiling. Tormented.While we are consulting an expert, we can also learn more about the use of Tilia Tomentosa coupled with other plants that give it a hand. There passionflower, or the hawthorn and the already mentioned lemon balm they are perfect to associate.

Tilia Tomentosa in children

Even with children, this gemmotherapeutic product it's phenomenal, but let's make sure we're using the right doses. Most of the cases where the Tilia Tomentosa she is hired by a child and for his parents sedative and calming effects. No contraindications if associated with passionflower, hawthorn and lemon balm even if the tormented person is young: it remains very effective in the right measure and taken with constancy.

Tilia Tomentosa: contraindications

If we suspect that a glycerine macerate so prodigious as described so far it hides a billion vetoes and contraindications, we are wrong. Maybe we are stressed and we see black: we need to Tilia Tomentosa!And we can rest assured that it is devoid of any kind of contraindication.

The only trick to keep in mind? Do not associate it with St. John's wort. The desired result is not always obtained by adding strong and good effects and, in this specific case, we risk exaggerating! Both of them strong sedatives and sedatives, Tilia Tomentosais hypericum together they can calm us more than they should.

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