How to dry hydrangeas

How to dry hydrangeas

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How to dry hydrangeas: dried hydrangeas are an elegant piece of furniture with a classic and retro note. Instructions on cutting and gradual dehydration of hydrangea to keep the corollas intact.

How to dry hydrangeas? It's easy, just go through three phases: the choice of the flower, cutting and dehydration. Thedry hydrangeasthey can be used to decorate the house in a wicker basket or vase.

A composition of dried flowers it is the ideal solution to guarantee the presence of nature in the house. The dried hydrangeas they do not require care, just dust them once a month. Thanks to voluminous hydrangeasyou can easily create dried bouquets. Herehow to store hydrangea flowers.

How to dry hydrangeas: period, choice and cut

When to dry hydrangeas

The best time to dry hydrangeas falls in summer, based on the weather, from the second half of June onwards.

In July, the flowering ofhydrangeahas reached maximum vigor, we recommenddrythe flower in this period.

How to choose the hydrangeas to dry

Choose the most mature flowering, where the flower heads have reached the maximum opening and the color has lively shades. Choose flowers that will soon wither but retain their maximum splendor.

Observe the flower heads, they must be large and sturdy, so as to resist even after drying. For a'dryingideal you should choose straight and sturdy stems. Individual flowers should be fully open and free from dark spots, cracks, or rot.

The choice of colors of hydrangeas

Thedried hydrangeasthey will have more faded colors but the vigor of the corolla will remain unaltered. When choosing colors, keep in mind that a bright pink will give life to a pale pink, just as a bright blue will give life to a pastel blue. You can make dried flower bouquets using single color hydrangeas or alternating white, blue, purple and pink hydrangeas.

How to color dry hydrangeas? After drying, if you want a more vibrant color, you can go to a DIY store to buy bottles of spray dye specially formulated to color dried flowers. Many DIY and DIY enthusiasts dye dried flowers with food coloring.

Cutting the hydrangeas to dry

Cut the flower in the evening, when the air has cooled. Try to choose a day with little humidity: avoid cutting the hydrangea on a rainy day or following rain and high humidity, these factors would ruin drying.

Cut the flower with sharp scissors. Make an oblique cut. The length of the stem depends only on your needs (will it go in a vase? Do you want to use it in a basket? As a centerpiece? ...?). An average length is about 30 cm. Remove the leaves and any buds present on the cut stem.

How to dry hydrangeas

How to store hydrangea flowers? Here's how we proceed with drying:

  • 1) Soak the stem of the flowers in a vase containing approximately 5 cm of water. Keep the pot in a place away from direct sunlight, at room temperature. Never replace the water, the hydrangea should have absorbed all of it within 7 days.
  • 2) On the eighth day, the flowers will begin to dehydrate and dry out, so hang them down in a cool, ventilated, dry and dark place (like in the cellar!). It is advisable to hang the flowers individually but if you have little space you can group them in 3.
  • 3) Thehydrangeasit will take about two weeks to dry completely. If the environment is humid, it could take three weeks.

There are those who recommend vegetable glycerin but forto preservethe longer the hydrangeas it is better to spray some lacquer on the entire surface of the flower and evenly.

Avoid exposing thehydrangeas to drydirectly in the sun, also avoid hair dryers, radiators or artificial heat sources. Thehydrangeasthey are delicate and any forcing would end up weakening the corollas.

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