Natural remedies with herbs

Natural remedies with herbs

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Natural remedies with herbs: treat yourself with spontaneous herbs. From beauty remedies to natural plant treatments. Herbal medicine and do it yourself.

Thanks towild herbswe can cure many small ailments.

We all know that chamomile, peppermint and calendula are very popular plants in the preparation of natural remedies, however, only a few of us would be able to distinguish between medicinal herbs encountered during a walk in the woods! There are many natural remedies that grow spontaneously in the woods, especially along the waterways.

Natural remedies with herbs

On this page we will offer you severalnatural remediesto be prepared withspontaneous plants. Before talking about thenatural remedies with herbs, we invite you to read the cards of the healing plants mentioned in the introduction:

  • Treat with calendula
  • Chamomile, properties
  • Treat yourself with an infusion of mint

Aquatic mint

  • Natural remedy against swollen stomach, digestive disorders, sunburn, irritation….

Aquatic mint is an easy plant to notice: it grows spontaneously in very humid and marshy soils. It belongs to the same genus as peppermint and has many beneficial properties. The leaves and flowering tops of the plant "aquatic mint" are used.

You can collect water mint along a stream and dry it in shady places. Dried mint should be stored in porcelain jars and infusions and macerates are prepared to be consumed after meals to reduce the sensation ofabdominal bloating. Aquatic mint infusions and macerates are considered a good onenatural remedyagainst headache and digestive difficulties.

In the summer, you can use the dried leaves to prepare a soothing bath against stretch marks and irritation.


  • Natural remedy for coughs, colds, irritations ...

Its botanical name is tussilago farfara and it is the classic remedygrandmother'sagainst cough and seasonal ailments. Coltsfoot grows everywhere, the flower heads are collected in spring and are used as a remedy for coughs and colds, the basal leaves are collected between June and July and are used for their emollient and soothing properties (compresses and baths). Like aquatic mint, coltsfoot is also used after drying and can be stored for up to a year, in airtight jars.

The leaves, used as compresses, are useful against skin irritations: they can also be applied to the most delicate areas.


Commonly calledQueen of the meadows, the Olmaria, botanicallySpiraea ulmaria, it's anatural remedytraditional against colds, rheumatic pains, swollen feet, swollen hands and to purify the body of toxins. It is considered a good beauty ally: it is used as a remedy against cellulite and couperose.

It is collected in small bunches and dried in ventilated and shady areas. With meadowsweet, infusions are prepared to be used as a purifying drink: to eliminate toxins and fight cellulite, take several cups a day. Foot baths and packs are used to reduce swelling of the feet and hands.

Against couperose, fresh leaves are applied to the affected area. Chop and apply the leaves on the couperose and leave for at least a quarter of an hour.


This plant is shown in the photo above. It's about the speciesAdiantum capillus-veneris: maidenhair is a plant also cultivated for ornamental purposes, it grows spontaneously near waterfalls, wells or rocks rich in humidity. It is an excellent natural remedy for dandruff by supporting the functions of the scalp. Against dandruff and oily hair, use 50 grams of dried maidenhair letting it simmer for about half an hour in half a liter of water: use the liquid for a compress to be rubbed on the scalp every other day.

Maidenhair is a good onenatural remedyagainst cough and cold. You can prepare an infusion based on maidenhair and plants with similar properties such as marshmallow root and licorice.

Othersnatural herbal remediesthey are prepared with horsetail (diuretic and rich in mineral salts useful for strengthening bones, teeth, nails and hair) and horsetail (particularly useful remedy for preventing kidney problems, stones and fighting cellulite and accumulation of toxins).

  • Horse tail, properties
  • Horsetail herbal tea

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