Climbing plants: how to choose them

Climbing plants: how to choose them

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Climbing plants, not social climbers but almost. In fact, to avoid competition, in order not to stay on the ground, undergoing the shadow and the damp, these plants climb upwards, at times for the spirit of survival, at others with that of oppression, seasoned with a pinch of revenge towards who, unlike them, has a trunk of large diameters.

We, however, who do not fall into the category of plants and the dispute described, can use to our advantage the posture of Climbing plants to cover elements present in the garden but unsightly, to hide unpleasant walls, to create a diversion and a sense of verticality with green backgrounds, with colored spots. Specifically we are talking about partitions, pergolas, walls, barriers between balconies and many other cases that we will explore.

Climbing plants

In general for Climbing plants we mean those that show a tendency to grow upwards, are characterized by a very long and flexible stem, so flexible that it must necessarily lean on a support to grow. It is often a "climb ”to survive, to access the air and light without suffocating under the foliage of different plants, as happens in dense forests.

There are Climbing plants very different from each other, for conformation, color, preferred habitat. Those considered true, from all points of view, are the plants that cling to the walls or supports they find, with small suckers, such as ivy, Canadian or American vine.

I'm very easy to grow, require no special care other than something to do the Climbing plants real and some pruning "Containment". It is up to us, so as not to have to run for cover after the damage, not to use too delicate supports that the suction cups could ruin.

Evergreen climbing plants

These Climbing plants they are perfect for those who are saddened by the arrival of the colder season, seeing uncovered walls, facades with skimpy twigs and nets stripped of flowers and leaves. There are creepers that guarantee us their presence even in winter, in our country, with our climate, we can focus on four species.

Between Clematis there are evergreens like the Napaulensis, there Apple blossom, the Winter Beauty, the Little White Charm, excellent for all winter canopies and pergolas swollen with leaves, instead the Bougainville is classified as a semi-evergreen climber. This is because it is evergreen only as long as it is not too cold, otherwise it also loses its leaves and becomes lush with the sun and the heat of spring.

To respect the agreements, loyal among the Climbing plants evergreen, there is the Jasmine, luxuriant with its beautiful dark green leaves every month, with flowers in addition between April and May, very fragrant. The same goes for the Bignonia, very simple to grow and which brightens up every worst day of rain and frost with its green, from June onwards it also produces beautiful trumpet flowers, until September.

Climbing plants with flowers

The plants with flowers and climbing they are quite numerous, a particular case are those called sarmentose because they have long supple branches that lean on the trees to grow and bloom. One example we know is single-flowering sarmentose roses, less well known is the Solanum Crispum, there are others even less easy to pronounce and recognize.

I'm Climbing plants pleasant, but which can become annoying when the branches are woody and therefore heavy: the support can give way or the tree can even suffocate.

Climbing plants for pots

Often when looking for from vase, it's because you want to create one barrier between two balconies or something similar. There are species that are particularly suitable for growing even in the smallest spaces, not without proliferating and creating green corners.

There Plumbago, for example, it is a climbing plant with sky-colored flowers, very appreciated also by the neighbor from whom we want to shield ourselves, even the already mentioned Bougainvillea it is excellent and resists even torrid climates giving cascades of fuchsia flowers. Among the climbing plants for pots, Ivy is the simplest and fastest to grow, even in the shade and even in winter, the Jasmine instead it wins for its perfume that gives a romantic touch to our wall of plants.

Similarly the Wisteria which, however, already blooms in pleasant spring shade. Always among the climbing plants for pots I mention the Passiflora, easy to care for, the Dipladenia, rich in summer with white flowers, and the Lonicera honeysuckle, a weed, to grow alone otherwise it suffocates all other plants.

Indoor climbing plants

So far we have talked about outdoor walls, balconies and supports for pergolas, but the Climbing plants they are also an apartment if we choose the ones that suit us. Among the most common are the potos, the various types of philodendron and monstera, like them because in addition to being on the wall they are very vigorous and resistant, they hardly get sick. The best domestic creepers are the Gloriosa or the Allamanda that with a little more attention than the Ivy, give very beautiful flowers, almost furniture design.

Climbing plants for outdoor and terrace

We leave the house and try Climbing plants for the garden. Among the wall ones there are species that normally do not climb, but which can also adhere to the walls that we put near them. This is how the Callistemon, only with particularly warm walls, however, and some mutations of shrub roses. Another sub-category of climbing plants from outside it is the one with twining stems: to grow they need a net, a trellis or simple wires. As an example, let's think of honeysuckle, al sweet pea and al classic wisteria.

Scented climbing plants

As an incomparable example with others Climbing plants, in this category are climbing roses. Jasmine has already been mentioned, now it's their turn, and I talk about it in the article "Climbing roses ".

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