Creative recycling: ideas and complete guide

Creative recycling: ideas and complete guide

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Creative recycling, an increasingly popular activity and not only for those who want to play and have fun, but also for those who love the environment, or want andtry to buy things he can do himself, or both. If once creative recycling was only the basis of kindergarten jobs for Christmas, Easter, Mother's and Father's Day, today it is a job for adults. As adults lovers of the green, but not only.

Creative recycling: what it is

If we have glass jars or cardboard boxes, plastic containers, pieces of wood, piles of paper or cardboard in the house or in the way, please don't call this junk. It is all precious material and you will agree with me as soon as you read what Creative recycling means and how easy it is to become practitioners of this activity.

The Creative recycling, once he gets into the habit, he makes us more and more imaginative and you will realize for yourself how one idea calls the other. It is about giving life to new objects and accessories by recovering what is often thrown away. It starts with guides, tutorials or advice from friends, then continues independently, often looking at an object or material, imagining it already in its second life after the Creative recycling.

It could become a toy for children, a dog bed, a vase for the garden or for the rose they give us, a frame, or a storage box and much more. Let's see some examples, I give you some input but it is good that each of us is the creator of his own Creative recycling, otherwise, is no longer creative.

Creative recycling: fabric

Among the fabrics that we can most frequently find ourselves throwing away, there are t-shirts or vests that are discolored, with holes in them, worn out, used until exhaustion. It is possible to reuse these memorabilia to dust the shelves, trivially, but those who are familiar with Creative recycling he knows that they can, for example, be transformed into very precious balls of ribbon.

By cutting the shirt saved from the garbage under the armpits we obtain a rectangle which we then cut into horizontal strips remaining about 3 cm from the end for the entire height of the rectangle. Then from the side not completely cut, we open the shirt and cut the first strip on the right in the direction of the next on the left in order to obtain a continuous strip which is then taken and pulled gently, just to make it curl.

What do I do with this ball of yarn? Those who are familiar with crochet, as well as Creative recycling, he already knows. I also give some suggestions: a pencil case, a handbag, a mat.

Creative recycling: paper

Paper, perhaps more than fabric or in equal measure, is one of the materials that best lend themselves to being the protagonists of works of art in creative recycling. And what I hope abounds in our homes is the paper of the old newspapers. We can turn it into envelopes and bags to use for slip in documents or objects to take with us to work, or to pack creative gifts.

All you need is a couple of pages of the newspaper, a stapler, a little cardboard and a satin ribbon or any cord for the handles. Let's take one page of a newspaper double to be divided into two or two separate newspaper sheets, choosing the most beautiful to keep outside and imagining that the size of the final bag will be approximately that of the selected pages.

With the stapler we sew the outer part, keeping to one centimeter from the edge and fold each side sewn inwards, then outwards. Then we take the bottom side (which will then be the bottom of the bag) and fold it a little, pinning everything still always leaving 1 cm of edge.

With cardboard you can reinforce the bottom of our bag and then proceed with the handle. The satin ribbon can be stapled, in an insistent way, to resist, instead the cord must be inserted into a hole that we have previously made. It depends on the tastes, maybe the satin ribbon lasts longer and you can recycle one of the many that decorate Christmas and other gift packages.

The most original and innovative idea, however, is this: "Paper to read and ... plant

Creative recycling: plastic

One of the most classic acts of Creative recycling with plastic, bottle caps are the protagonists. In many municipalities collection for recycling is carried out, and that's fine, God forbid. Every now and then we can keep some for ourselves and give ourselves to the creation of objects. The best can try create bags, there are those who have made a business of it, enjoying good success, still growing.

There are also marketed fruit bags Creative recycling made with beverage caps, by hand and cruelty-free. To get an idea of ​​the green value of these artifacts, each reuses from 20 to 230 plastic bottle caps avoiding that they go to grease the already fat landfills.

Creative recycling: pallets

Fior di case di design today offer furniture models that are the result of Creative recycling with pallets. Of course, no one pretends to furnish the house alone, but we can, for example, furnish our balcony, especially precious if it represents the only corner in which to host a vegetable garden. The pallets, armed with Creative recycling, they can become the basic tool to transform a bare balcony into a luxuriant garden of herbs and flowers, scented and admired by all, as if by magic.

With a few small tips readily available in shops or DIY sites, we will create welcoming spaces for grow aromatic herbs, salads and small vegetables, including generous cherry tomatoes, spicy chillies, beautiful round courgettes. As we become more and more skilled, we will succeed with the Creative recycling to obtain pellet jars the size we need to fit everything perfectly and optimize the balcony space.

Creative recycling: clothes

We talked about t shirts to be recycled, but they are certainly not the only item of clothing that can be transformed into a new object thanks to Creative recycling. Another example that is easy to put into practice has as its protagonist the shirts, with which to obtain new clothes or accessories that are useful and at no cost. A skirt, an apron, a bag, baby bibs, cases for pc, tablet and smartphone. A few examples, before letting yourself indulge yourself.

With an old shirt you can create a apron for child, with which he can color, cook, mess around. The sleeves become laces to tie it on the back, the torso part becomes the protective apron once shaped as we wish, so as not to trip those who wear it. Even a pillow cover can be made from a shirt, on the contrary, the buttons do not bother: as taught by the Creative recycling, are excellent decorations already made.

Similarly it happens when we realize baby bibs, cutting out the necessary fabric, preferably referring to the shape of a bib we have at home. The ties can be obtained from the sleeves of the shirt itself, recycled. One last idea, but there are dozens of them, concerns the modern smartphones and tablets. Even these super technological objects are very well found in cases obtained from Creative recyclingindeed, we can create them to size, and choose the colors and lacing we prefer, sewing everything by hand or with the sewing machine.

Creative recycling for children

Not only is the creative recycling activity great for children but you will see that they will be themselves once they have learned it'ABC, to teach us how to do and what to do. Often able to imagine without limits, they will be able to make us go beyond the banalities by inventing new ways of reusing material destined for landfills.

So it's great to join the children and dedicate yourself to Creative recycling. Maybe starting to create something fun, like toys and puppets. There are many, of the latter, to be obtained with clothes, socks, gloves. In particular, I love puppets made from gloves. They are beautiful and thanks to the fingers, many characters can be invented. Also with glass and tin cans games of all kinds are made and often refer to those of the past. Everything comes back, everything is reborn, the fun never ends.

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