How to calm a cough

How to calm a cough

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How to calm a cough: natural remedies for relieve cough dry or oily. Tips for treat cough with sore throat, cough in pregnancy, dry and oily cough.

Therecoughit's annoying, not only can it cause pain in the bronchial tubes, back and throat… it also causes discomfort in 61 percent of people who suffer from it. In addition, thecoughit is often read as asymptomof other ailments, more serious even if the vast majority of times it is just an unfounded fear.

Cough, the most common causes

Therecoughcould beoily or dry. It irritates the oro-pharyngeal tract causing burning and in the most severe cases pain in the bronchi and back. Coughing is a physiological response that our immune defense puts in place to prevent germs and bacteria from reaching the lungs. Among the most common causes that cause cough we have:

  • Allergies
  • Stress and nervousness
  • Inhalation of gas, fumes, perfumes, detergents for household cleaning ...
  • Ingestion of particular substances
  • Domestic air conditioner
    air that is too cold or too hot as well as air that is too dry and lacking in humidity can cause cough.

On this page we will give you some advice onhow to calm a coughusing the classic grandmother's remedies and natural remedies.

How to calm a dry cough

Bicarbonate and salt against dry cough. Baking soda and coarse salt, these two ingredients represent an ancient grandmother's remedy for calm dry cough. To take advantage of its beneficial and soothing properties, just prepare some fumigations. Boil some water containing a handful of coarse salt and a bite of baking soda. Turn off the heat when boiling, cover your head with a towel and get close to the steam without putting your face too close to the pot (be careful not to burn yourself). Inhale these fumes. To make this natural remedy more effective, add three or four drops of Tea Tree essential oil to the water.

If you sleep with the radiators on, remember to fill the tubs to humidify the house. There dry cough worse in case of low humidity.

How to calm a fat cough

The oldest remedy to cure a fat cough? Honey! Prepare a given drink of 250 ml of water, two tablespoons of honey and the juice of half a lemon. Add the ingredients, in the order in which we have listed them, in a saucepan over low heat, mix them well and then consume this drink in the evening, before going to bed. It is an excellent soothing drink that relieves the pharyngeal tract.

How to calm coughs in children

There are various natural remedies for coughing in children, from fumigations to the use of a good air humidifier. To cure cough in children, try giving them the honey drink seen in the section dedicated to fat cough.

How to calm the cough and nervous cough

Therecoughit can be a clear psychosomatic symptom, with the cough you can manifest tension, stress, anxiety ... In case ofpainful coughit is possible to benefit from the soothing properties of mallow. Make a mallow tea to consume every day to relieve cough pain. In the event of a nervous cough, it is possible to take advantage of aromatherapy with a relaxing bath with essential oils.

How to calm a cough in pregnancy

The fumigations with sodium bicarbonate and essential oils are the most popular natural remedy to counteract cough in pregnancy. To the fumes seen to calm a dry cough, add 3 drops of garlic essential oil and 3 drops of clove essential oil.

Other natural cough remedies

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