Little Brabant: character and breeding

Little Brabant: character and breeding

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Little Brabant, a companion dog originally from Belgium and called its parts Griffon Brabancon. There are those who consider it a variety of Brussels Griffon, claiming that it has only a few less rough hair, but not as many as would be enough to make it a breed in itself. Yet it is, even if its coat makes some jokes: from specimens with hair can be born specimens with short hair. In Italy it is very rare so for now we can read it, imagine it, and trust those who have seen it and made a breed of it.

Little Brabant: characteristics

As anticipated this Little Brabant he stands out from his colleague because he does not have that characteristic hard-haired coat of the Griffoncini, furthermore, looking at him with an expert eye, one realizes that he has a less massive trunk, a less voluminous head and muzzle without beard and mustache or almostFor the rest these two dogs are not very different, we could call them cousins, not technically speaking, and also as colors they are the same.

The size of the Little Brabant they vary from 18 to 20 cm in height at the withers, the weight is 2.5 - 5 kg. The trunk of these animals is quite wide, the head appears large and also rounded due to the rounded forehead, but what you immediately notice is the presence of hard and matted hairs that "decorate" it, around the eyes, on the nose, on the cheeks and chin.

The nose is very black and wide, the ears are erect while the eyes, very large, round, black, are embellished with long eyelashes but unfortunately they are too prominent. The hair of the Little Brabant it is almost always short and close to the body, di reddish or black and tan color, the nails and the pads of the paws are black and if the muzzle "wears" a mask of color, this is permitted by the standard.

Little Brabant: character

If we found any physical difference between the Piccolo Brabantino and the Griffoncino, as a character, we can't distinguish them, they are both endowed with a strong spirit of independence and at the same time show a morbid attachment to the master. A contradiction that can be irritating or funny, the fact is that if you want a Little Brabant at home you must know that it is a dog that constantly requires attention.

With strangers, however, he is fair and calm, loyal, so all in all he is suitable for living at home with the family or in an apartment. For those who have time to dedicate to him, he is a perfect companion dog. And also as a guard, despite its small size, because it is always alert and has a strong and determined character, it is scared of almost nothing and if it knows that it must defend a property or a person, show off courage in abundance.

Little Brabant: farms

While being one rare breed, in Italy it is raised by ben 6 reality that theENCI reports on its official website. They are each located in a different region, from North to South, ideally from Belgium. One farm is located in Emilia Romagna, near Parma, and two others are respectively in Treviso, in Veneto, and in Pavia, in Lombardy. Then there is one in Novara, in Piedmont, and going down one near the capital, in Lazio, and a last one in Palermo, in Sicily.

Little Brabant: puppies

From an early age we can see how these Little Brabantine specimens resemble the Griffoncino. Also called Petit Barbanèn or Kleine Brabander, it depends where we buy them, they actually have common origins, with these very similar cousins ​​from their countrymen, but remain less common today. The ancestor is the "Barbet" type Griffon, widespread both in Holland and in Belgium and northern France, years ago.

Our own was born from this Little Brabant which, as the name suggests, was selected in Bramante, in Belgium, appearing in the Herd Book after 1863 even if the homogeneity of type in the three varieties was only achieved in 1905.

Little Brabant: price

Better ask the farms that ENCI indicates as certificates, to know the price of a dog that belongs to a not very common breed because it can undergo many variations. In general we could find ourselves in front of figures around 800 euros even if on line there are offers at 550 and even less. The advice is to always contact structures that ENCI indicates as reliable and to visit them personally before purchasing a copy of Little Brabant like any other breed.

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