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Bobtail, is also a dog even if his homonymous cat friend is better known, and quite differently he comes from Great Britain and not from Japan, belongs to the group of shepherd dogs and cattle dogs and has never been in the land of the Rising Sun except with some fans who took him there. The name "Bobtail " it means "short tail", but its expression expresses intelligence and what is most striking in his canine appearance it is the shape of the head as well as the evident abundance of hair that almost blinds it.

Bobtail: origins

To reiterate that it has no origins in common with the Bobtail feline, let's find out how this dog derives from shepherd specimens already very similar to those we see today. And they lived in England, still an island, but closer than Japan.

The origins of the breed are not yet clear, but there is no doubt about the place. Most experts claim the Bobtail originated in the Devon County with a little blood also from the Highlands of Scotland, responsible for the rustic character and abundant coat.

The thick coat it is quite common in dogs that live or are descendants of others who have lived in areas characterized by severe climatic conditions. A minor current of thought, always on Bobtail, believes that this dog is not entirely native but has distant Russian relatives, the "Shepherds of Russia", and also among Asian races.

American Bobtail

In the confusion of the origins of the Bobtail, the adjective American also appears, but this is overseas nice dog came to us much later than his debut in society, which took place for the first time at a dog show in Birmingham in 1873. It was in 1888 that the first Club and only later the Bobtail it landed in the United States, depopulating.

Giant Bobtail

If we can talk about Giant bobtail or not, I leave it to each of you to judge, I limit myself to saying that his height at the withers is almost 60 cm and his weight "dances" between 30 and 40 Kg. The males are a little bigger than the females but the differences are nuances, it remains a large dog.

He has a compact body but not particularly slender, muscular and easy to imagine writing in a square. The trunk is geometric, with a wide and deep thorax, but also the head is and the well rounded skull is nicely covered with hair. Completely. At the bottom of the long, strong and square muzzle, there is the nose, always black, always wide and voluminous. From the thick fur, the eyes grow out with difficulty which can only be dark or wall, and the ears, hairy of course, and also small and flat on the sides of the head.

Although a lot muscled, the limbs being completely covered with hair, do not strike the attention due to their power, the tail accompanies a light-hearted, hairy gait, in harmony with the rest of the body.
The light coat, which is the characteristic feature of the Bobtail, in addition to being so beautiful and "a lot", it is resistant to bad weather and therefore essential, at least at the time when the breed was forming, in the cold. As colors, the official standard admits shades of gray, grizzled, blue, with or without white patches.

Bobtail puppies

Since puppy the Bobtail conquers the sympathies of everyone, or almost: it is an intelligent, sensitive, affectionate and attentive dog. And then, that mass of hair already at first sight can only pave the way. As a breed it is one of the recommended for families but only if you have a garden given the standard size.
For the rest with the children and the owner, with guests and passers-by, the Bobtail he always manages to build excellent relationships. He is cheerful, very docile with children and with those he knows. If someone threatens his family, he can become excellent watchdog which does not allow intruders into its territory.

Bobtail breeding

Very obedient and easily trained, the Bobtail is not very popular in Italy. Those who want to adopt it must take into account that it has a voice not to laugh. If it doesn't bother us, he can give it to neighbors or other family members, but he also barks for joy so ... He remains adored by many, so much so that rumors go around "God put the hair before the eyes of the Bobtail so that he does not see the faults of those he loves". Only to convey the idea of ​​unconditional love that it manifests.

Bobtail: price

The price of a Bobtail puppy varies from 1,300 to 1,800 euros. These are indicative figures, which then vary from the farms, the pedigree and the period as well as the geographical area in which we find ourselves and in which more than anything else we go to buy our new four-legged friend, and a lot of hair. Sure a significantly lower price is not reliable, it is always better to check and visit the breeding we have contacted to avoid cheating or illegality.

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