Innovative storage systems: sonnenBatterie eco

Innovative storage systems: sonnenBatterie eco

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Innovative storage systems, those of Sonnen Gmbh, and I speak in the plural because the new proposal features a renewed eco design, a reduced weight and various colors to choose from, with the certainty of a unique performance. Certified and awarded, as we will see.

After installing, to date, over 12,000 innovative storage systems in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy, Sonnen can well be called a "name" in the sector, it is in fact the largest European producer of intelligent lithium-ion storage systems for residential use. Let's find out what they are for, why choose them, how to choose them, and what is special about them Sonnen innovative storage systems just presented.

Why install innovative storage systems

A storage system allows you to store that energy that would otherwise be sold, with the mechanism of exchange on the spot, and then in the evening buy another one again. It is worthwhile to become owners of these devices if they assure us that the cost of storing energy within the storage system makes "the trick" convenient, otherwise it is not worth it.

For this alone the innovative storage systems of quality are able to really reduce the costs related to energy, increasing self-consumption. Looking at the portfolio, the electricity bill falls, because we reduce the residual purchase from the network. With SonnenBatterie we can rest assured, it is worth "accumulating" because the cost is about 12 cent € / kwh, this is a clarification due to the fact that there are more models and the logic with which to evaluate and choose them is that the higher the net capacity installed the more we break these down 12cent € / kwh that perhaps alone do not tell us much.

Let's compare them with the cost of purchasing energy from the grid: even taking into account any reimbursement linked to the exchange on the spot, the result is that with SonnenBatterie it is better to store energy. There lighter bill it is not a passing benefit, an illusion of a couple of years: we are talking about over 20 years savings from the installation of Innovative storage systems. Now let's find out the latest version.

Innovative storage systems: sonnenBatterie eco

White, gray or black, what goes best with the furniture in the room? Confident of the convenience of SonnenBatterie eco we can also ask ourselves the problem of the shade of the innovative storage systems we want to install. The version just presented is in fact the result of an operation of aesthetic restyling which transforms this useful system into a real design object, a piece of furniture to be inserted at best in the spaces in which we live.

The freedom of choice it gives us SonnerBatteries with this new version, in fact, the storage system, being modular, it is adaptable to most of the energy needs of each of us, we can "play" with 2 kWh modules associating them until reaching a capacity of 16 kWh.

Innovative storage systems Sonnen Gmbh: weight

So light that only one installer can take care of the assembly. The new model is much lighter of the previous ai 30 Kg of the system must be added those of the battery but the 2kWh version reaches 54 kg and no more. Once the body has been mounted on the wall, the necessary operation, which can always be performed by a single certified operator, is to connect the current meters.

Innovative storage systems: performance

New look, colors of your choice, costume rehearsal silhouette, but SonnenBatterie eco has not become frivolous, all at once: the technical sector also in the summer 2016 version maintains all the features, the batteries inside the device are and remain performing and durable over time, their performance is guaranteed for 10 years / 10,000 cycles then no battery changes are required over a period of more than 20 years.

For those who are curious about the technology behind these excellent results, they can learn more about the al Lithium Iron Phosphate, the most reliable and advanced technique currently available, certified for home environment.
Happy not to have to renew the innovative storage systems every 2 or 3 years, we still have something to marvel at observing that the SonnenBatterie eco it's a integrated “all-in-one” system which must only be connected to the home without having to make changes or replacements on the system.

In fact, in addition to the batteries and the electronics for the charging / discharging phases, there is an intelligent system "Energy manager" who, like a good manager in flesh and blood, manages all the energy flows and consumptions of our home in our place. For those who are smarter and more technological, there are also home automation functions to activate, power meters from which to obtain information for monitor the overall system and, very convenient, a touch-screen display to manage the available energy with a touch wise and light. And above all practical.

Innovative storage systems Sonnen Gmbh: the awards

Born in Germany in 2010, this manufacturer of intelligent lithium-ion storage systems for residential and commercial use now considered the largest in all of Europe, it arrived in Italy just over a year ago, in April 2015.

Looking at the most recent awards received, the applause of the German economic weekly WirtschaftsWoche, which together with the market research firm EuPD, elected sonnenBatterie as "TOP energy storage 2016 " among over 152 storage systems examined. In the category "Lithium-ion storage up to 5kWh" he put him on the first step of the podium giving him the maximum score in the one that examines the Price / Performance ratio.

What more can you ask for? There is already the answer, why Sonnen Gmbh has the serious intention of offering the owners of a sonnenBatterie system Italians own electricity tariffs: this is the concept of "SonnenCommunity”Which we hope will soon become familiar also in our area. It would be, will be, an important step towards independence from fossil fuels and traditional energy suppliers. Sonnen Gmbh does its part for a sustainable energy future within everyone's reach. Coming soon.

For those wishing to learn more, further information, also in Italian, is on the official website ofSonnen Gmbh

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