Mulching, advice and opinions

Mulching, advice and opinions

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Mulching cut, advice and opinions. Advantages and disadvantages to consider when cutting grass with mulching technique without a collection bag.

Themulchingis a cutting technique that consists of mowing the grass with a rotary blade that reduces the grass to shreds and does not accumulate it in any collection bag. The grass, once reduced into small pieces, is re-distributed on the turf where it carries out constructive functions for the well-being of the lawn.

Mulching cut, advantages

With themulchingthe grass comescrumbled and distributed on the lawn. The small shreds of grass decompose much faster, releasing 80% of the water from which it is composed into the soil. In this way, the lawn doesself-fertilizesdrawing nourishment from chopped cut grass. Chopped grass clippings are an excellent natural fertilizer for the lawn but only when it is reduced to shreds. Traditional mowing must be removed quickly otherwise it would go toto chokethe lawn.

The mulching lawnmower returns greener and brighter lawns not only for the quality of the cut but above all for thegoodnesssome natural fertilizer given to the lawn. The grass clippings are rich in minerals and micro-elements necessary to meet the needs of the lawn itself. The grass absorbs from the soil and accumulates the nutrients it needs and at the time of cutting it returns them to the ground and are immediately available for the roots of the lawn.

The mulching cutit also reduces felting by reinforcing grass growth. It hinders the propagation of mosses, molds and weeds that do not find space in a well-fed lawn.

The distribution of fertilizer is superfluous for those who care for the lawn with a mulching lawnmower. Weed growth is considerably reduced compared to conventionally cut lawn. According to tests conducted by the University of Wien-Essling, a lawn is greener and healthier after 21 mulching cuts and immediately a decrease in weeds is obtained with a lower risk of mold and moss spreading.

Mulching cut, disadvantages

If with a traditional lawnmower we can wait two or three weeks between one cut and the next, if you want to take advantage of the mulching cut you must cut weekly. If you wait too long, you risk finding yourself with excessively high grass for a mulching mower that would not be able to work properly.

Its use is not recommended on rustic lawns. The blades require periodic maintenance to allow the lawnmower to effectively chop the cut grass.

After each cut, the cutting deck must be carefully cleaned to remove grass residues.

Since lawn mowing is weekly, keep in mind that you will be spending more energy to power the machine. If the lawnmower is electric then the consumption could be limited while if the lawnmower is with an internal combustion engine (petrol) the additional fuel consumption will be felt.

The higher operating costs could be offset by the absence of fertilizer use and a better nourished and greener lawn.

Mulching cut, advice and opinions

To obtain the benefits promised by this cutting technique, the tool must be used properly.

You must avoid cutting the grass when it is wet (the cutting machine would become clogged and heavy). Cutting must be performed more frequently because the cut, in order to be effective, must be performed when the grass is not very high.

The opinions of experts are very favorable to the use of mulching lawnmowers even if you have to pay attention to the use you make of the tool. Among the most heartfelt advice there is a very specific path to follow when passing the lawnmower on the lawn.

The path must ensure maximum cutting uniformity. To ensure optimal distribution of the cut grass and uniform cutting height, it is possible to follow a serpentine pattern, first horizontally and then vertically along the entire lawn.

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