How to mount a chandelier

How to mount a chandelier

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How to mount a chandelier: the guide for making the correct electrical connections and ceiling or wall connections.

There are several types ofchandelier: wall sconces, ceiling lamps, ceiling suspended lamps or wall lanterns, typical of gardens. This guide will explain how to mount any light fixture to be fixed to the wall and or ceiling, including mirrors that integrate an LED strip.

The first thing to do is turn off the power, so act in the morning when you have enough natural light to continue.

Before starting work, make sure the power supply is disconnected!

To avoid faults in the home electrical network, make sure that the voltage indicated on the packaging of thechandelieris compatible with that of the same electrical network and that the voltage of the bulb chosen is suitable for the chandelier.

How to mount a chandelier, everything you need

At best, for themounting a chandelierand the connections of the three electric wires (which sometimes are only two!) you will need an electrician's clamp, a screwdriver with a narrow and flat tip and electrician's scissors.

Unfortunately, the application of achandelierit's that easy: it is often necessary to drill holes in the wall to anchor the fixed structure of the chandelier, so for this purpose you will need: drill with fuses suitable for the caliber of the screws and fisher!

Take the measurements, drill the holes in the wall and, with a rubber hammer, fix the fisher in the wall. The electrical connection, in this case, is the secondary problem because it is far easier!

The colors of the electric wires

The electrical connection of a chandelier is very easy. You can help yourself from the colors because each of the three threads is characterized by a color that acts as a sign of recognition.

  • Green - yellow wire
    The domestic circuit is characterized by green - yellow colors. The green and yellow wire must be connected to earth (yellow green).
  • Blue wire - neutral
    The blue wire should be connected to the blue or black wire.
  • Brown thread
    The brown wire must be connected to Brown or Red Phase.

If your chandelier has a yellow-green wire and two black wires, the yellow-green wire must be connected to the yellow-green of your electrical network (which comes out of the wall). While for the other two, if they are both black, you can connect them without following a specific order.

In summary, here's how to connect the electrical cables and mount the chandelier:

the yellow / green wire of the ceiling must be connected with the corresponding in the chandelier.

The two remaining wires of the chandelier can be connected without respecting a certain order with the two remaining wires of the ceiling (they are the neutral wire and that of the Base).

How to mount a chandelier:connect the wires with electrical tape or with the mammoth

Is called mammothand it's that white rectangular box with holes and it will make things easier for you! Generally, the electrical connection is made simple by the mammoth, a small box that connects the metallic current conductor (copper).

Free a few millimeters of copper from the wires protruding from the wall and insert them into the corresponding hole of the mammoth. To free the entrance to the hole, you will have to unscrew it using a flat and narrow tip screwdriver. You will have to join the copper wires that you have discovered by inserting them into the small electrical terminals of the chandelier and then screw to hold the conductor in place.

If your chandelier does not have a mammoth because maybe you bought it at a flea market (good! You have saved and recycled a still usable fixture!), You will have to make the connections by hand.

Discover the copper filaments both from the wires that protrude from the wall and from those of your chandelier and "wrap" them together and cover them with electrical tape. The game is done!

All you have to do is hang up the power supply and hope that the lifesaving device does not go off, otherwise you will have to double check the accuracy of the connections. If the lifesaver blows, you probably did not insert the wires well into the mammoth leaving some portions of copper exposed. Double check everything and good luck!

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Below is a video that will show you how to proceed with the assembly of a ceiling chandelier.

Video: Flush Mount Chandelier. Installation by Real Regular Homeowners (May 2022).


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