Hypertension, natural remedies

Hypertension, natural remedies

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Hypertension, natural remedies, symptoms, treatments, recommended diet and all the useful information to regulate blood pressure.

Warning! If you suffer from arterial hypertension, you need to be followed by a doctor to evaluate a tailor-made drug treatment. THE natural remedies seen on this page are very useful if hypertensive episodes are not chronic or related to a full-blown physiological dysfunction.

On this page we will see which are the foods to lower blood pressure and those to avoid because they are rich in sodium. At the basis of arterial hypertension there is a chemical imbalance that can be buffered with the intake of potassium. Recommended foods such as natural remedy for hypertension arterial are the richest foods in potassium.

Hypertension, natural remedies

Who is looking for one care for the "hypertension, he must immediately understand that there is no definitive one, neither pharmacological nor with natural remedies.

There are many ways to adjust the blood pressure and through nutrition it is possible to limit the pharmacological approach. The relationships between diet is hypertension they are remarkable, both in terms of prevention and treatment.

As mentioned in the introduction, there is not one care definitive forhypertension but there are several treatments and the administration of an adequate diet is the best natural remedyto stabilize levels of blood pressure acting as an adjunct to drug therapy or as a single dietary treatment.

There diet for hypertension it is characterized by:

  • reduced sodium intake
  • caloric intake to ensure the maintenance of body weight within acceptable limits
  • increase in foods rich in potassium and vegetable fibers
  • reduction in the consumption of saturated fats
  • reduction of alcohol consumption
  • daily practice of moderate exercise

The major source of sodium, in Mediterranean cuisine, is represented by table salt: only 5-10% of the sodium contained in diet Western origin comes from foods, the remainder is added to foods artificially in the form of salt.

It is clear that the sodium intake can be reduced by completely eliminating the use of table salt and limiting foods rich in salt: broth cube, cheeses (especially seasoned ones), sausages, salami and mineral waters and effervescent products.

Unlike sodium, potassium helps lower blood pressure levels. So it is advisable to eat foods rich in potassium such as dried mushrooms, dried beans, dried figs, fresh chestnuts, chickpeas, lentils, potatoes, spinach, beets ...

In addition, in order not to lose the potassium contained in fresh vegetables, in legumes in vegetables, there are some things that can be done. During the preparation:

  • the food must be washed or cut immediately before cooking
  • do not immerse the food in cold water
  • do not cut more than necessary, on the contrary, rather than cut you have to "tear" the leaves
  • just cook the bare minimum
  • add a little water to cooking
  • do not use baking soda for washing or cooking
  • to make the dishes more pleasant, instead of salt, you can use lemon juice, vinegar, tomatoes, onions and herbs
  • prefer steaming to boiling

In diet of patients hypertensive, coffee and tea must be used with absolute moderation, as it is preferable to avoid spirits, too sugary drinks and artificial aliementi.

Hypertension, symptoms

Patients suffering from high pressure most of the time they do not show any symptoms, although when they have their blood pressure measured the values ​​are dangerously high. Some people suffering from hypertension in the early stages they may suffer from dull headaches, dizziness or have a nose that bleeds more than usual, but these symptoms usually do not show up until thehypertension it has not reached an advanced stage, or even dangerous for the patient's life.

THEnatural remedies for arterial hypertensionthey should not be underestimated in any way, just as patient-friendly medical treatment should not be underestimated.

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