How to recycle cardboard boxes

How to recycle cardboard boxes

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How to recycle cardboard boxes: tips for using cardboard boxes to create refined gift boxes and many other creative recycling ideas.

Here's how to recycle shoe boxes, appliance boxes and other cardboard boxes. A carton box can turn into onegift boxoriginal, colorful and prestigious or turn into a pen holder, paintings or pastime for children.

How to recycle shoe boxes

Sprout box: canned gardening
Theshoe boxesthey can create object holders, containers for germinating seeds or even small boxes for growing rocket, lettuce and other small plants.

DIY paintings
With the cap of the shoe box you can make DIY pictures with which to decorate the children's room. For this creative recycling work you can use the most disparate materials: from fabric to colors. Putting multiple boxes together

Box to sort the wires
With a few tweaks, shoe boxes, like any other cardboard box, can be used to keep the power cords of our portable devices tidy. For the DIY, you can be inspired by the following photo.

Pen holder
For a well-organized pen holder, you canrecycle shoe boxesand the toilet paper roll backing board. For this DIY, you can line the shoe box with velvet, fabric recovered from clothes destined for garbage or, more simply, you can use the shoe rack as it is. Again, to inspire you in DIY, we leave you a sample photo.

House for dolls
You can build a DIY dollhouse by placing a variable number of shoe boxes side by side. The inside of each box must be treated as a single room, so the four sides must be painted as walls while the lower part must be understood as the floor and appropriately "tiled". Above, you can see a photo that will help you get the right inspiration.

How to recycle cardboard boxes

Paper recycling
Paper and cardboard can be recycled to obtain rough sheets of paper. For all the instructions, please refer to the guide articleHow to recycle paper.

Gift package
To make gift boxes, first of all, you need to close the bottom of the box well. Use very strong scotch tape to avoid sagging.

Line the inside of the box with plain or patterned paper. To line the inside of the box, use the decoupage technique:in a small glass, dilute the vinyl glue in water, brush the back of the solid color sheet with a flat brush and let it adhere to the inside of the box.

For a DIY gift box in the name of creative recycling, you can cover the outer sides of theboxwith cards of different colors:make a patchwork by gluing smaller rectangles. The edges of the box can be defined with colored adhesive tapes.

Place the gift in the box and seal it with wrapping ribbon, string or a woolen thread. Label the box with a DIY cardboard label, cut from another piece of cardboard. What do you need for this creative recycling job?

  • A cardboard box
  • A row
  • Pencil
  • Cutter and scissors
  • Resistant Scotch
  • Vinyl glue and water
  • Solid color papers or decoupage papers
  • Adhesive tapes to cover the edges
  • Rope, ribbon, string, raffia ... or other thread for sealing.

Shortening the margins of yoursbox, you can make an elegant tray (perhaps covered in velvet) to collect homemade potpourri or fragrant dried flowers. For more information on how to make potpourri at home, we refer you to the guide articleDried flowers, how to dry them.

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