Largest Marine Park in the World in Hawaii

Largest Marine Park in the World in Hawaii

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Largest Marine Park in the World in Hawaii, a political act, for some, for us an act of love for the planet that certainly gains from it, beyond the controversies of another kind. With the creation of this Marine Park by Guinness, Hawaii, there is a growing hope that, on earth, the more news and attention is given to it, the more likely it is that someone will take an example.

For a spirit of competition, or for good environmental purposes, from the gesture of end of Obama's mandate a chain of successive Marine Parks could start, not necessarily so large but in places to be protected. There is no lack of opportunities for other important gestures such as those of future former US president. Let's see who emulates it or challenges it to who creates the Largest Marine Park in the World in Hawaii or elsewhere.

Largest Marine Park in the World in Hawaii: Obama's End-of-Term Gift

Extend the already very large Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument breaking all records and creating the largest marine park in the world in Hawaii.

It is one of the latest decisions that the president of the United States Barack Obama took and announced before leaving the White House. Thus, his nation but also the rest of the planet Earth, finds itself with the already vast marine park now with a quadrupled extension, which exceeds one and a half million square kilometers.

A nice farewell gift, that of Obama, who thus "touches up" a park created at the time by president G.W. Bush, in 2006. In addition to the media “bang” of international importance, the news also represents the political will to extend the protection of the territory with more commitment and dedication. It is a gesture to be included in a marine environmental framework in which the need to protect the waters and those who live there is increasingly evident.

Largest marine park in the world in Hawaii: thousands of marine species housed

The Largest Marine Park in the World in Hawaii it is a paradise to visit but above all to live in, both above sea level and below. The number of marine species hosted by the park exceeds about a thousand and more a quarter are endemic.

There are also those threatened by the continuous deterioration of the planet's health, such as the monk seal of Hawaii. Above the sea level, staying in the Largest Marine Park in the World in Hawaii, traveling with our eyes and minds the series of atolls and small coral islands, we can count on 14 million seabirds who nest there and seasonally spend their days in the surroundings.

All this wealth of animal species is due to the fact that this area has been able to maintain natural characteristics that are now almost impossible to find elsewhere, this has also happened thanks to the compatibility with Hawaiian cultural traditions pre-European. Even UNESCO recognizes this as precious Largest Marine Park in the World in Hawaii by the end it was Obama.

Marine Parks: the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

To declare and reiterate the pressing need to protect the sea there are also, and in the front row, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. With these documents, the various countries have promised to commit immediately - and there is still a long way to go - to arrive at protect 10% of the seas and oceans by 2020.

Worldwide, there are many areas in which to intervene in the most diverse ways, but also in Mediterranean the "to do list" is long. Just think that today in our sea we barely reach 6% of protection, considering at most also the Pelagos Sanctuary which, in truth, is a marine park more symbolic than real. But without it, the Mediterranean percentage collapses to 1.34%.

Marine Parks in Italy: the complete list with our articles and videos

Since we talked about the Mediterranean, leaving theirs to the Americans for a moment Largest Marine Park in the World in Hawaii, let's see what is protected in Italy. Have we ever visited it? Is it supported? Take a look at our list of National Parks Italians will be able to clarify our ideas on the national reality but also give us ideas for make a personal gesture. It is not necessary to imitate Obama, much less is enough but made by many.

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