Natural remedies for acne scars

Natural remedies for acne scars

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Acne Scar Remedies: recipes easy to make with ingredients easily available at home to combat this annoying skin blemish.

Acne scars, as the name suggests, are the marks left on the skin by remission from boils, cysts and abscesses. The acne manifestation mainly affects the face, but also shoulders and back; if it has been intense and prolonged, the ability of the skin to regenerate itself in a natural way and to replace the superficial layers of damaged skin is compromised. Consequently, in correspondence with the localization of the inflammatory lesions, ridges or depressions are formed that give the skin an irregular and aesthetically unpleasant profile.

Remedies for acne scars: prevention

It should be noted that not all types of acne cause scars: a lot depends on the extent of the acne manifestation and how it is treated. However, even normal juvenile acne, due to ongoing hormonal changes, can leave indelible traces. This happens when pimples are squeezed incorrectly.

Some home and natural remedies, if implemented consistently, can help us reduce scars or make them less noticeable. These are do-it-yourself solutions, suitable for all people who do not want to put into practice methods that are too invasive or whose signs do not require "extreme remedies". This is the case of small burns, recently disappeared pimples, hair removal marks, superficial wounds ...

Natural remedies for acne scars

The natural remedies that we will present to you do not ensure immediate results but are effective over time. Their use requires consistency: they must be applied every day, especially at night. In the long run, these annoying spots produced by acne will be much less evident.

Aloe vera

The fleshy pulp of this plant is rich in a plant extract that brings incredible regenerative properties; its benefits for our skin are now known to all. To reduce scars, just take at least a teaspoon of aloe pulp and apply it to the scars. Leave for thirty minutes then rinse with warm water.

Sodium bicarbonate

Not everyone knows that even baking soda has an exfoliating effect on minor scars; just moisten your face and apply a pinch of this powder on the scars. Leave on for about 10 minutes then rinse with warm water. Be careful not to abuse this remedy, bicarbonate is not recommended in case of sensitive skin.


It is ideal for whitening the skin; just use cotton soaked in lemon juice and apply it to the spots. Leave for about 15 minutes. It is preferable to do the treatment in the evening. Never expose yourself to the sun during the treatment.

Honey and egg yolk

Thanks to these two ingredients we can create an exfoliating and regenerative mask against acne scars. Apply the mixture on the spots, let it act for twenty minutes then rinse with plenty of water. We recommend Manuka honey; it has extraordinary properties which are very suitable for skin care.

Rosehip oil

Like honey, rosehip oil also has regenerative properties that can soothe damaged tissues. To be applied before going to bed; its perfume is very pleasant.


It has exfoliating properties and is also rich in beta-carotene, an essential substance in skin care. To take advantage of its properties, just cut a few slices and apply them on the face for about ten minutes. It is also possible to make an excellent tonic based on tomato juice and cucumber; just blend one tomato and half a cucumber. After making the toner, dab the affected areas with cotton.

Vitamin E

Those who want to benefit from its incredible positive effects can buy vitamin E at a pharmacy or herbalist's shop. It is ideal for giving radiance, regenerating the skin, fighting wrinkles and toning the skin. If applied consistently, skin scars gradually disappear; a small face massage is enough to favor absorption.

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