Wave energy: the Triton revolution

Wave energy: the Triton revolution

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Wave energy, it may seem banal in words, or a utopian ideal for skeptics, it is instead reality and thanks to the revolution Triton.

An idea, a project, a campaign, a story that is worth knowing. With all the sea that bathes our peninsula, of course, but not only for this: the resonance and i The benefits of wave energy thanks to Triton are international in scope.

Speaking of benefits, I cannot fail to anticipate the tax benefits provided by the equity crowdfunding campaign launched by Kiew with the project Triton. The percentages - Irpef benefits of 25% and IRES of 27% for 2016 income - are unique on the market today and invite us to become protagonists of this revolutionary wave.

Wave energy: the Triton project

How not to take advantage of wave energy, now considered the most performing of renewable energies? It would be a waste, evident even to the less experienced and the goal of the Triton project is precisely to avoid it. Rolling up your hands, among the many realities that have recognized the sea waves as an opportunity to produce energy - numerous studies have been undertaken today - Triton proposes a system based on a precious WavEC certified high performance green technology.

The system designed by Triton to produce wave energy is one of the best performing on the market. Let's see why.

Compared to the technologies for the production of electricity from renewable sources used today, the one that Kiew proposes with Triton is able to produce more electricity. This is to be specified - a equal installed power and at reduced cost. It's not over: the system for produce energy from the wave motion aims to reset also the emission of CO2 technologies for the production of electricity from renewable sources and to increase the production of hydrogen, oxygen, hydro methane and synthetic methane. This is achieved with the use of accessory systems and the products mentioned are "Green" because they are non-polluting or have a very low polluting rate. Another strong point of Triton is the forte reduction of the environmental impact offshore installations that are necessary to produce energy from wave motion and in general from renewable sources. This, in both "Green" and "blue sea" terms, also means making sure that the waters are repopulated by fish and other "inhabitants" with benefits for the environment and for the entire food chain that is based on it. .

Today the Kiew Triton system for the production of wave energy is patented in 28 countries around the world and in these videos a preview of its revolutionary… green energy of change.

Wave energy: campaign objectives

In order to start the Triton project and stop wasting energy from the wave motion that we have had before our eyes for millennia and that bathes our coasts, Kiew has launched Equity Crowdfunding. The target in euros to be achieved is equal to the figure of 720,000 euros, of which 520,000 euros represent the indivisible portion and the remaining 200,000 the divisible. This clarification is not a desire to be picky by wasting lines but derives from the desire to clarify that if the campaign to support this innovative Triton project to produce energy from wave motion does not reach at least 520,000 euros, nothing is done. With less money, in fact, it would not be possible to achieve what is indicated in the five-year plan for which the collected euros would return to the hands of potential financiers, the dream of producing energy from waves in an extremely green way would become a dream in the drawer.

Essential in narrating the Equity Crowdfunding campaign is to underline the tax advantage for investors who choose to believe in wave energy. It starts with a 25% advantage for individuals and reaches a percentage of 27% for legal entities as a Tax Credit in 2017.

Wave energy: idea and patent

This simple mechanical system capable of producing electricity from the wave motion of seas and oceans was born as an idea in 2003. Today the effectiveness of the patent is certified in 11 non-European countries and 17 European countries, including Italy. Here is the list.

EU countries: Albania - Belgium - Croatia - Cyprus - France - Germany - Greece - England - Ireland - Iceland - Italy - Malta - Norway - Holland - Portugal - Spain - Turkey.

Non-EU countries: Australia - Brazil - Canada - China - Japan - India - Mexico - Russia - South Korea - South Africa - United States of America.

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