How to get rid of cobwebs

How to get rid of cobwebs

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How to remove cobwebs: natural remedies and effective products to eliminate cobwebs and prevent their formation. Useful tips for the garden and the home.

Thecobwebsimmediately give the idea of ​​a well-kept house, yet those who live in the countryside or have a large garden know very well the sacrifices that are needed to keep the house clean! The truth is that ispidersthey are tireless and quick to weave their nets! That's why in this guide we will not only tell youhow to get rid of cobwebsbut also how to prevent its formation with natural remedies and ad hoc repellents.

Remedies to remove cobwebs

Forremove cobwebsIt is possible to use the classic pointed brush (corner-proof) or home remedies obtained by tying a dry cloth to the handle of a broom. Antistatic cloths can also be useful, certainly more practical than cloth cloths because they are disposable (so they are thrown away after using them), we refer to those that are commonly used to eliminate dust.

Equally effective is the removal of cobwebs with the nozzle of the suction-all hose or a very powerful vacuum cleaner. Those who want to use the vacuum cleaner, to reach the ceiling and the most remote corners of the house, will need a special telescopic handle or extension.

Once you've gotten rid of all the cobwebs in the house, move on to repellents and remedies to prevent the formation of new cobwebs.

How to get rid of cobwebs permanently

There are many specific repellents on the market against spiders that prevent the formation of cobwebs, but most of these are also toxic to human health and the environment. In this article we point out some natural and repellent remedies that you can use safely even in the home.

As an alternative to the chemical pesticides on the market, against spiders, a natural do-it-yourself insecticide prepared from neem oil and warm water is very useful. The essences of citrus fruits are very useful (cedar wood, eucalyptus ...) but also of other vegetables such as peppermint and lavender.

Trap for spiders

The spider trap is certainly a safe remedy for the home and the environment. Among the various proposals on the market we point out theSpidartrap, it is an ethical device because it allows, at the end of the cycle, to free the captured spider by simply adding a few drops of sunflower oil to the base of the trap.

The trap can be placed in the corners of the ceiling or in the stairs of the apartment building to prevent the formation of cobwebs.


Spiders love dark, cool, and dry places. Eliminate the ideal places for the proliferation of spiders, namely: log holders, piles of newspapers, cardboard boxes ... Also eliminate cracks in the walls and bichi.

Natural remedies against spiders

Spiders get away easily! Natural repellents to ward off spiders in a natural way are easy to find, in fact they are very common essences such as lavender or eucalyptus.

Spiders also hate the smell like that of cedar chipboard. Bulk tobacco or pipe tobacco is one of the most effective natural remedies to eliminate spiders. Alternatively, you can use Neem oil which is an excellent natural insecticide par excellence.

For more advice, please visit the page:how to get rid of spiders naturally. If spiders populate small rooms such as the walk-in closet, the attic or the basement, consider adding handkerchiefs impregnated with peppermint essential oil, an excellent repellent against spiders.

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