Irish red white setter: character

Irish red white setter: character

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Irish red white setter, not for sports fans but for physical appearance. Accustomed to red-blacks, white-blacks, black-blue and so on and I don't want all the supporters of colors not mentioned, this dog has quite other interests than football. Comes fromIreland and it is a pointing dog of medium size, very strong and powerful but with a physique that does not appear too strong and heavy.

At first glance it appears harmonious, the Irish Setter Red White: it has simple and athletic shapes, not very elegant but very dignified. It is also known for its phlegm.

Irish red white setter: characteristics

Proportionate and agile, this dog has a height at the withers ranging from 60 to 66 cm, the males are taller, and a weight between 25 and 32 kg. Its limbs are perfectly straight and rounded with muscles, given the very dynamic gait which he sports when he can hang around outside, which he loves to do. There tail is not very long and tapers towards the tip.

Moving on to the head of the Irish red white setter, appears in the shape of a pseudo-dome, with an evident stop and a black and aligned nose. The ears are positioned far back and adhere to the head, the eyes are not huge and almost always have a dark color.

The hair, as the name says, must have these two colors, white and red, both better if they are as lively as possible and in particular it is white as a background, abundantly stained with red. The mantle of the Irish red white setter it is semi-long on the body but long and silky in the posterior part of the limbs and in the auricle, on the throat and on the tail.

Irish red white setter: character

Docile, friendly and quite easy to train, even if in Ireland it is still a dog bred to be used in lowland hunting activities, the Irish red white setter he is an excellent friend of man, even if he is not a hunter. Kind and affectionate, sometimes absurd, he almost seems to be a snob, but then "on the field" is awake, truly courageous and determined.

Irish red white setter: breeding
In Italy for now there are no breeding farms recognized by ENCI for this breed, in Ireland we find numerous and, if we are so convinced that we want it, it is good to know the most recurrent defects. Among these we find limbs not upright, long or open feet, light eyes, obesity, a skull that is too narrow and the tail carried badly.

Irish red white setter: price

As it is difficult to find breeding, it is also difficult to estimate the price, which also depends a lot on the purpose for which we are looking for a puppy. Irish red white setter. Hunting and companion specimens are obviously different, the requirements that future owners require are different and the price accordingly.

One thing to know, while evaluating the purchase, is that the Irish red white setter it was born before its all-red analogue, but when the latter arrived and its popularity suddenly increased, our red white even risked disappearing. It was then, fortunately, recovered and re-evaluated around 1920 by a group of breeders and enthusiasts.

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