How to recycle plastic caps

How to recycle plastic caps

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How to recycle plastic caps, it is a practice, a hobby, a completely personal green gesture that each of us can make according to our skills and tastes of the moment. Precisely for this reason it will give some not too severe ideas, to let everyone indulge themselves as they wish without the impression of being doing a homework. If you are curious about How to recycle plastic caps and because you read and do it your way, the important thing is that the caps don't end up in the trash.

The first action to take is not to throw away plastic bottle caps, raw material of our creations. I advise you to also notify relatives and friends of your new hobby so that you can immediately have a large amount of caps available. As we'll see, for some masterpieces hundreds of them are needed.

Why recycle plastic caps

Why on earth should we start learning How to recycle plastic caps making games for children or furnishing accessories, or eco-chic coatings for surfaces and bags? Because we get gifts that are practical, resistant, waterproof and above all at no cost, but not only. The first reason, no less noble, and greener, is that in this way we prevent a considerable amount of plastic from polluting our Earth which is already not very well placed.

What will a plastic cap ever be? If we learn How to recycle plastic caps it will be the symbol of a planet that can be better and also thanks to us.

How to recycle plastic caps by building

We start from the great projects that we can carry out if we learn How to recycle plastic caps, installations by architects and construction engineers, or almost. But if you dream, you better do it big. Many small "insipid" caps if well tied together in a mesh by means of rings or bands become a semi-rigid surface that can give life to small constructions or interesting coatings, both as structures and as decorations that are created by playing with caps from different brands.

To start to recycle plastic caps at a high level as in this example it is necessary pierce the caps with great precision, for example by drawing a straight line on which to then place each single cap in order to take the reference points and drill correctly. It looks like one thing to "picky" but on a large scale, on a network, then the effect is felt.

How to recycle plastic caps by coloring

Let's not be discouraged if the previous builders section is not for us, we can also cheer up and relax knowing How to recycle plastic caps by coloring, and with less effort. With a little hot glue, without having to drill anything, we can use them to cover a free surface that bores us or makes us sad.

A garage wall, a piece of ruined furniture but not yet to be thrown away, even the facade of a house! Yes, there are artists who have set about decorating with plastic bottle caps entire walls of buildings getting wonderful mosaics in the name of recycling and which have nothing to envy to the "real" mosaics. Indeed, these in plastic also have a strong environmental and educational impact, particularly brilliant. We can start with breakfast placemats, trivet, fly-deflecting curtains even abat-jour.

How to recycle plastic caps by playing

With children, grandchildren, children of friends or even without "The excuse" of a child present, we can learn How to recycle plastic caps by making games and then… playing! Or by giving them away. A fun idea that will please the whole family, perhaps after making fun of yours Kindergarten "chore", and the family birthday calendar.

In the era of social networks that remind us of them in the midst of a thousand notices of all kinds, a simple and green object like this is particularly apt. And it is easy to create: we hook 12 caps with iron rings to a tablet that we can find at the hardware store. For every person we wish to wish we dedicate a cap decorating it in an original way and then we hook it to the cap of the month in which it celebrates its birthday.

Games purely for children that we can produce with plastic caps are also the stamps, gluing behind a magnet and decorating them as you like with monsters, jungle animals, flowers or letters and numbers. Dinner place cards are also easily made once we understand How to recycle plastic caps and it will be necessary to ensure that guests do not take them home as a curious souvenir, licking his mustache after dessert.

How to recycle plastic caps by giving them away

Don't we have the creative streak? We don't have time to dedicate ourselves even if we would like? No problem, but that's no excuse for do not recycle plastic caps, that's enough donate them to voluntary associations who collect them to earn money with which to subsidize good works. There are numerous and reliable, both in the humanitarian and environmental fields, it's not a hoax or a scam: choose well and then ... recycle them like this.

Recycling of plastic caps: the Friend of the Environment project

Here is an example of How to recycle plastic caps donating and in all serenity this initiative does things seriously but it is fair to say that there are many others equally virtuous. The project Friend of the Environment, through the collection of recycled plastic, aims to support schools and associations while safeguarding nature. Collect some specific items including plastic caps, because then they will come to him paid by weight and how much earnings will be invested in projects aimed at creating a greener world.

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