Horsetail for the hair

Horsetail for the hair

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Horsetail for hair, it is not its only use but certainly one of the best known and most appreciated. Even the nails are very fond of this medicinal plant which, it is said, also has a certain power against cellulite. Before understanding how and why to apply it to hair, let's explain where it comes from and what characteristics it has.

Its scientific name is Equisetum arvensis but the common one remains horsetail, and has rather small dimensions, it is found everywhere except in Australia and New Zealand. Among the various existing species, only one is non-toxic and it is the Arvense, from which the Horsetail is obtained for the hair that we are used to or will get used to using. It is also known for its purifying action, since the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans, over the years it has also proved useful to heal skin sores or ulcers, it also has a firming and smoothing effect.

Horsetail for hair: properties

L'Horsetail for the hair it is very effective because it has a high concentration of mineral salts which acts on the bone tissue with an effect remineralizing for the benefit of hair, nails and teeth. In particular for our foliage, this plant is used with the aim of strengthening it, but not only. Horsetail for hair prevents hair loss and supports growth. To find out more about the effect we will achieve, I recommend that you read "Horsetail: properties and benefits”.

Horsetail for hair: it works like this

There is nothing magical or bewitched about'Horsetail for the hair, to benefit from it, just prepare a strong infusion using 2 or 3 tablespoons of this ingredient in 250 ml of boiling water. After an hour of rest, you need to filter: the liquid obtained is the one with which rinse your hair in the shower.

Although it is a natural remedy, we do not underestimate ours Horsetail because in a short time we will see how our hair will be more robust and vital. Let's not expect that from bald, you can become long-haired, but a regular use of'Horsetail for the hair can sure slow down the falling process, especially if it is early.

This is also used in the kitchen officinal plant, not so much for the hair as to give a touch of characteristic flavor to our soups. Now that winter is approaching and soups are more pleasant to taste on chilly evenings, we also consider Horsetail as a delicious ingredient.

Horsetail in Aboca capsules

For those suffering from inflammation of the urinary tract, the draining properties of Horsetail can be a source of relief. It is then the case to try the total concentration of Horsetail in order to enjoy the benefits linked to the substances present in the top of this draining plant.

The Aboca capsules they are the result of a technological process that has made it possible to combine the freeze-dried extract with the total phytocomplex without wasting anything. Two capsules twice a day andHorsetail will do its duty, we can start immediately by buying a package on Amazon for 15.90 euros.

Horsetail herbal tea

So far I have been silent, focused as I was onHorsetail for the hair, another benefit that can be drawn from this map. It is in fact an excellent natural remedy, in the form of herbal tea, in case of sore throat or cold, red or sore throat. If we are not the herbal tea type, we can fall back on a infusion for gargling, but first try sipping the Horsetail in a cup, it is an excellent companion for healthy reflections. With a little honey, they become positive thoughts, to learn more you can read the article "Equisetum herbal tea“.

Horsetail tincture: how to prepare it

Yet another way to take advantage of the numerous properties ofHorsetail for hair, and not only for hair, it is that of mother dye. For those who want to prepare it themselves here is an interesting reading: "how to prepare a tincture with Horsetail

Horsetail for nails

Much like the Equisetum for hair, we can speak of Horsetail for nails. At the base there is always the high concentration of mineral salts which have a strengthening effect on the nails, as well as on the teeth and hair. For some indestructible nails, therefore, we can prepare an ad hoc decoction with 25 grams of Horsetail, soaked in 1 liter of water at room temperature for 4 hours. After 20 minutes of boiling over low heat, and two hours of rest, the decoction - filtered - is ready. Three cups a day they don't work miracles, but they do a lot of good.

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