Remove paint with the sander

Remove paint with the sander

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How to remove paint with the sander: a guide to stripping of wood which uses the sander to remove all layers of paint.

Stripping the woodit is one of the most annoying jobs when we talk about the restoration and recovery of old furniture and furnishing accessories, yet it is a necessary operation to give new life to wood.

The paint, especially if the wood is exposed to the elements and direct sunlight, tends to crack, flake or fade. In these circumstances, rather than covering the wood with an additional layer of varnish, it is advisable to remove the old varnish to continue with a careful recovery of the wood.

In the professional field, theimmersion paint removal:fixtures, balustrades or even furniture, are entirely immersed in tanks with chemical reagents capable ofdissolve the paintand return the bare wood. DIY lovers canstripping the woodwith longer methods but with an equally appreciable result.

Wood stripping

The old paint can be removed with three different techniques; the first takes advantage of abrasion and involves the use of materials such as sandpaper orsander, the second technique acts by heating and uses devices such as the hot air gun, capable of reaching 500 ° C and making the paint moreflaky. The third and last technique sees the use of chemical reagents and acts fordissolution, in this context, paint strippers or aggressive products such as caustic soda are used. For details on the methods listed above and the do-it-yourself paint stripping techniques, we refer you to the pages indicated below; in this article we will focus on thestripping the wood with the sander orgrinder.

  • How to remove paint from wood
  • How to remove paint from wood

Remove paint with the sander

Not just wood, with thesanderit's possiblepaint stripping metalsand other media. As explained in the article dedicated tosmoothing the wood, the use of tools that perform surface abrasion is very risky: just a distraction, a slight increase in pressure to irreparably damage the support.

Remove paint with the sanderit is undoubtedly the cheapest technique. The surface abrasion eliminates the layers of paint with the use of devices such asgrinderssandersand abrasive components such as sheets, papers and tapes.

Paint stripping with the sander, how to do it

Forremove paint with the sanderyou must clean the support to be stripped by removing any pebbles or metal components that could scratch the wood. To avoid the same risk, theorbital sandermust be absolutely avoided: the orbital sander tends to overheat the substrate, with friction and heat, the paint forms very stiff clots that can scratch the surface of the wood.

Forstripping the corners of the wood use oneDelta sander and, when this does not remove the paint flush with the perimeter of the wood, you will have to continue manually with sandpaper.

Forstrippingflat and extended surfaces, thebelt sanderis the most effective: the guide plate is used with delicate movements so as not to remove excess material. The same sander, equipped with a mini tip belt, can be used for remove the old paint even in the most difficult to reach corners of the wood without the need to finish the job manually. Therebelt sanderis, undoubtedly, the best device forstripping the woodby abrasion. On the market there are also models with double handle, essential to better manage theremoval of the old paint.

If you have onerandom orbital sander, use the pad with the surface prepared for fixing the abrasive discs with velcro.Remove paint with the sanderRandom orbital can be easier thanks to the double handle that allows you to perform a more detailed and safe work.

When thewood to be strippedhas introflexes or hard-to-reach surfaces (such as blinds), you can use oneelectric filewhich, with its narrow blade, reaches even the most difficult corners. The file, unfortunately, is a very aggressive tool and due to its power, it requires a steady and very light hand. Before stripping your favorite substrate, do some tests on old wood to get carried away.

Thereelectric fileit is very powerful, which is why it can be used forstrippingeven iron or stone, as well as any metal.

In the photo above is shown thebelt sanderBlack + Decker Ka86,among the most popular models on the market for its excellent quality / price ratio and ease of use and for its double ergonomic handle. On Amazon, thisbelt sanderis offered at a price of 79.94 euros with free shipping.

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