Spathiphyllum, cultivation and care

Spathiphyllum, cultivation and care

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Spathiphyllum, cultivation and care. From irrigation to the treatment of diseases. How to grow and care for this lovely houseplant.

The spatifillo is a great classic among flowering houseplants. It is part of the Araceae family: this houseplant produces many deep green leaves, offers periodic flowering and requires little care.

Spathiphyllum in the house:where to place it

The plant must be arranged in the right wayposition: choose a bright place away from drafts and drafts. Like any houseplant, the ideal location should be away from sources of heat (radiators) or cold air (air conditioners). It can also be grown in the bedroom provided that there is the right air exchange and a good amount of natural lighting.

How to cure the spatifillo in the summer

In summer, the plant can be moved to the garden or balcony, make sure not to expose it in full sun because it needs semi-shaded positions. In the spring-summer period, it will be necessaryfertilize the spatifilloperiodically, give fertilizer every 10-15 days, use a specific fertilizer for green plants.

How to cure the spatifillo in winter

Between September and October it is necessary to bring the plant back into the house. Thespatifilloit is a tropical plant, it suffers a lot with temperatures around 8-10 ° C, it would not be able to survive in colder temperatures. Its ideal temperature is about 20 ° C and it cannot bear thermal changes. In winter, itspatifilloit must be kept at home

Tip: for optimal development of the entire plant, remember to rotate it so as to expose the entire foliage to light in a continuous cycle.

Spathiphyllum, cultivation and care:how much water to administer

Paradoxically, it isspatifillolike many other houseplants, they need more abundant watering in winter than in summer. Why?
In summer, the plant is placed high outdoors and the atmospheric humidity does its job well.
In winter, the plant is kept indoors where the radiators are continuously active and the humidity is low. In these conditions, the plant must not only be irrigated regularly but, once a week, sprayed on the entire canopy with non-calcareous water.

If thespatifillo leavesthey have turned yellow or changed color, it could probably be an excess of limestone in the water sprayed on the foliage. To irrigate the spatifillo use demineralized water. When to wet the plant?
The soil should never be too wet but it shouldn't dry out completely either.

Spathiphyllum, care and cleaning of the plant

If, during the summer months, you have brought the plant to the balcony or garden, between September and October you will have to collect it at home. Before moving it, take a good look at the vase, the leaves and any flowers, scrutinize each leaf well to remove any insects.

Move the surface soil and, again, eliminate the insects. With a soft sponge, clean each leaf Remove yellow leaves, dry or damaged leaves. To clean the leaves, use a sponge or a soft cloth soaked in demineralized water. Avoid using tap water because it could stain the leaves or cause the appearance of unsightly halos.

Check under the pot, there may be slugs or nesting spiders. If sospatifillohas grown a lot, provide arepotting using a new soil for green plants. The new pot must be only a few centimeters larger than the previous one.

The spatifillo purifies the air

This beautiful ornamental plant does not require special care and yet actively participates incleaningdomestic: manages to deactivate many of the volatile organic compounds, the so-called VOCs. That's why it is spatifillo is among the indoor plants most recommended. If you are looking for houseplants that are easy to grow and require little care, we invite you to read the pageHardy indoor plants.

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