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Anti-root sheet: price, uses, how to plant it and alternative solutions to protect the garden from tree roots.

Thetree rootsthey are always a question mark: they can penetrate and raise nearby pavements, they can create obstacles in case of excavations or ruin the driveway of your home. Forto containthe development ofrootsit is possible to adopt various strategies, among the most effective that do not compromise plant health, we point out ianti-root sheetsand the containing domes.

Tree roots in the garden

That oftree rootsit can be a big problem if a careful garden design has not been carried out.

Thetree rootsthey can destroy retaining walls, flower beds or cause the pavement to collapse.

To stem the problem oftree rootsthat thrive too strongly in the garden, you can evaluate different solutions. The most immediate solution that comes to be considered involves the felling of the tree with the removal of the roots. If you are considering this hypothesis, be sure to perform a complete cut of the tree following all safety procedures; in this context our guide onlike cutting down a tree.

It is preferable not to intervene by sacrificingancient treestherefore in the ideal it would have been better to act in advance and plan more carefully the arrangement of plants in the garden.

Depending on the type of tree to be planted, it is possible to arrange special containment systems for the roots such asanti-root clothor the vegetative islands (consisting of containment domes).

Anti-root domes and islands

We have renamed them "anti-root islands" because they create an impenetrable zone for tree roots. It is a system patented by the Italian companyPontanarolo Engineering. This system allows the optimal development of the root system of trees in a minimum space by exploiting a substrate suitable for rooting.

This strategy creates a minimum space able to guarantee the prosperity of the plant; what are anti-root islands? Technically it is an aggregate of cupular elements. These domes are joined together forming a cavity within which plants can expand their root system without penetrating beyond certain boundaries.

The island, given by dome-shaped elements, is placed at the base of the tree, underground, and supported by several pillars. The pillars support the top cover of the island on which a reinforced slab is created using a concrete casting. The concrete layer does not impact with the plant's water supply: draining concretes are used in combination, if necessary, with asphalts.

L'anti-root island it is completely invisible on the surface, it is accessible, made with 100% recyclable materials and also safe for the tree: the roots will have a greater volume to be able to develop with consequent stability of the entire plant.

Anti-root sheet

The anti-root sheet is a much cheaper solution that can be installed to protect walls, roads and pavements.

THEanti-root sheetsworks fromcontainment mat and protects flower beds, paths and walls from the roots of plants, even the most invasive ones. Anyone who has started a small bamboo cultivation in the garden knows very well how harmful these roots can be for neighboring spaces.

Theanti-root clothit is made of non-woven fabric, very resistant, and has a waterproof and impenetrable coating not only from the roots but also from insects and potential chemicals. As shown in the photo above, the sheet forms a barrier to prevent invasive root growth. It can be used at the time of planting the plants but also in the subsequent phase, to be installed with an excavation near the structure to be preserved. It can therefore be used to be installed perimeter to a low wall or to surround water pipes or other underground pipes. Also useful for protecting the underground irrigation system.

Among the various products on the market, the most resistant and the best value for money is offered on Amazon at a price of 97 euros (per roll of 25 meters). We have recommended this product because it offers guaranteed effectiveness for 25 years.

Useful link from Amazon: roll of bilaminated anti-root sheet.

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