Infrared heating

Infrared heating

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Infrared heating, nothing Martian and not even a choice for the elite, the word "infrared" shouldn't even make us fear that it is something dangerous. Indeed, because this method of Infrared heating based on panels that, radiating their energy in the infrared, in fact, placed on the wall and electric, reach a temperature of 60-80 ° C, giving us a pleasant domestic warmth that is not that of our family, but what in winter it is desirable to welcome us on our return home. Interest in the Infrared heating it is always increasing, for reasons both of the wallet and of environmental conscience, since it works without production of visible light and with one rather high efficiency.

Infrared heating: how it works

As already mentioned, the Infrared heating it does not produce fumes, therefore it does not pollute like other types of heating, and we can certainly be sure that when we install this type of systems, no risk of explosions or breathing in toxic gases.

By their constitution, the panels do not need any particular maintenance and can be installed very quickly ensuring the maximum efficiency. Then we will deepen the topic, an essential factor to evaluate if we are interested in Infrared heating, but anticipation that this choice allows to convert more than 90% of electricity into heat.

Not to cheer for Infrared heating but it is objective that they are convenient for a question of safety, but also for versatility and comfort, in fact they satisfy us quickly and allow us to decide precisely how much heat do we want and in which part of the house. Not to waste energy in our absence.

Infrared heating: consumption

Who reading that the Infrared heating it is electric, perhaps it will have revived the idea of ​​systems that were fashionable at the time, the classics “Electric heaters“Who made themselves heard on the bill. In fact, in order not to go red every winter, many Italians then opted for solutions such as centralized heating with fuels including diesel, methane or pellets. Electricity systems have fallen by the wayside, but with the Infrared heating they can come back to the charge and make the big overtaking.

Italian houses on average they do not have good thermal insulation, and in this situation we can estimate that 80 watts / m2 are required for heating, therefore 1000 watts per room, obtainable by installing infrared panels to be kept on 6 hours a day at maximum power so that in the rooms you are safely without a jacket on .

For example, if we count for every 5 square meters of floor space, the need for about 300 watts, we can install 4 panels of 300 watts to be kept on about 7 hours a day. A little apartment of less than 100 square meters, class D, to be heated, it would need 3-4000 Watts of power, always 7/8 hours a day. Daily consumption is estimated at around 24-32 kWh per day.

For those who live in Northern Italy or in colder areas, the ignition days are about 180 per year, therefore 4,300-5,700 kWh per year, then 1300-1700 euro per year in the bill. Those who live in areas with a gentler climate or a home that is better isolated than the national average can always opt for the Infrared heating saving further.

Infrared heating: opinions

There are those who have decided to use the Infrared heating and that's it, or as an integration with traditional heating. Often theinfrared-classic coupling takes place in the bathroom, for the pleasure of getting out of the shower surrounded by a higher temperature than that of the rest of the rooms. In this room, the Infrared heating for the security it gives. Then there are those who have a particularly cold house and who replace the fireplace or a wood stove with this type of heating.

Infrared heating: does it hurt?

As already explained, there is nothing to fear when using theInfrared heating, although it is not yet very popular in Italy. In other countries it is and we can cheer up, the panels are not radioactive and do not radiate anything that can harm us. Indeed, a precious warmth without wasting energy.

Infrared heating: prices

Of the panels from Infrared heating they can cost from 210 euros for a 500 watt if the basic model, while if you aim for the more innovative ones, you can also invest 600-1,200 euros to heat the house.
Usually panels are proposed with sides of about 30 centimeters and powers of 200-1000 watts, thick fits perfectly into regular furnishings, of colored or decorated or smooth surface according to taste.

Since the Infrared heating in the world it is a relative novelty, there are already models with programmable control unit that allows to contain consumption. Yes, if we set the power according to the temperature to be maintained, at the time of day and the room in which we want warmth.

Infrared heater: the most sold on Amazon

The most popular infrared heater on Amazon it can be purchased for around 21 Euros, is called "Plein Air R-1200" and is a wall-mounted Quartz infrared heater, with adjustable inclination and ignition and cord adjustment. It consists of two quartz lamps, covers an income of about 20 square meters, is equipped with a analog power indicator and you can buy it black or gray.

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