Microwave chestnuts

Microwave chestnuts

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Microwave chestnuts, useless to turn up your nose, at least, let's not do it before having tasted them, we will certainly end up admitting that they have nothing to envy to the classic roasted chestnuts and there are several advantages. Microwave chestnuts prepared with crisp plate are a good alternative, this new cooking method deserves an opportunity, especially if we do not have the space and equipment available to prepare roasted chestnuts as they used to be but we don't want to relegate this delight to a snack every now and then, if we meet on the street who makes and sells them for a living.

Microwave chestnuts: how to cook them

It is very simple to prepare the Microwave chestnuts, as often happens when this oven is involved, the recipes become faster and the steps are halved. The result is often excellent, as in this specific case. But it takes some tricks why the magic of the microwave functions, for chestnuts it consists in making a strategic cut on each of them.

The "protocol" provides that the both cross cut and it must be made in the upper part while in the lower part you can make a single cut, it is not an aesthetic question and not even an urban legend. The cuts cause the excess heat that is created during the cooking of Microwave chestnuts don't blow them up.

It is certainly a question of cooking times, but cutting is a necessary premise. Then the timer must be set according to quantity of roasted chestnuts, the greater it is, the longer we have to wait to enjoy them. It is the law of the microwave, whether we are dealing with chestnuts or something else, it almost always works like this.

Microwave chestnuts: advantages

Without detracting from cooking chestnuts on the fire, without any intention of extinguishing this tradition, we can however say that Microwave chestnuts have many advantages and it would be illogical to ban them from our lives out of respect for the historical legacy of roasted chestnuts.

Cooked with the microwave crisp plate, the chestnuts they are much more convenient to prepare, faster and there is no fire to light, prepare and then extinguish. Not to mention that it's not obvious that all fans of roasted chestnuts have the space to cook roasted chestnuts the old way.

Microwave chestnuts: crisp and grill

Let's take a step back: I mentioned the crisp plate as if it were a familiar object for everyone. For those who often use the microwave it is a great friend, it is a dish that during cooking absorbs a part of the microwaves from the oven and becomes very hot, this means that cooking takes place parallel in two ways. With microwaves and, from below, with the heat that the crisp plate absorbs and transmits.

To prepare the Microwave chestnuts with the crisp plate, place the roasted chestnuts in the oven by setting the crisp function for about ten minutes. When the time ends, mix the chestnuts and set another 10 minutes. Let's not forget about cut the chestnuts before proceeding, as explained above, otherwise they will explode, dirtying the entire oven, which is not always immediate to clean.

Microwave chestnuts: recipes

To prepare the Microwave chestnuts and enjoy them in this autumnal climate, let's wash them well for hygiene but also so that they enter the oven still damp. Cut them crosswise and with a third cut lower and place them in the microwave on a container, making sure it is suitable for this type of cooking.

We set an adequate time (for 10 chestnuts 3 minutes), high power (between 600 and 800), and once the Microwave chestnuts, peel them quickly. It takes up to a quarter of an hour in all, I don't know if you have timed it, but it is a real convenience ready immediately and with only 16 calories per chestnut.

If we find that we have difficulty peeling chestnuts in the microwave, we can soak them in water for a whole night before cooking them. It will all be easier. 15 minutes is usually more than enough anyway.

Microwave chestnuts: jam

Even the jam of Microwave chestnuts it is among the delights that the season offers us and it is not a delight that only experts can prepare at home. Let's get 1 kg of chestnuts, a little sugar to taste and two bay leaves, some vanilla. We cook chestnuts, wash them and place them in a pressure cooker with laurel, covered with water.

After 40 minutes of cooking they must rest for a whole night and then be divided in half. In this way it is easy to extract the pulp and then reduce it to a kind of puree from sweeten with sugar water. At this point you need the microwave at least 750W for half an hour, with the puree inside, covered.

No need to stir, let the oven work and let your mouth water because it is almost ready. The jam of Microwave chestnuts it is only to be allowed to cool and to be adjusted with a vanillin sachet.

Chestnuts in the microwave: cake tin that can be opened for microwave

In addition to the jam of Microwave chestnuts, even the cake is just as good and can be prepared quickly and easily. It is important to have one suitable cake pan, not only that it can be used in the microwave but also that it is convenient. I am very happy with the opening one, on Amazon there is an excellent model with a diameter of 28 cm for 35 Euro, dishwasher safe and resistant to high temperatures as well as cold (-18 ° C)

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