Glass block, assembly

Glass block, assembly

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Glass block, assembly: how to assemble the glass blocks to build a partition wall with a high decorative impact.

Here are all the instructions for the assembly of partition walls made with tiles of glass block.

Glass block wall tiles

Apartition wall in glass blockallows you to create a separate area within the same room. The tiles in glass blockthey are an excellent solution to make a brighter environment, especially for east-facing rooms that enjoy little light.

It is possible to chooseglass blocksof different shades or simply more or less transparent. THEglass blocksthey allow to create modular structures thus, a wall can make use of different colors or be realized with chromatic games and geometric patterns dictated by the color. From creative mosaics to well-defined geometric designs.

Transparent glass blocks can be more or less opaque and also have a different finish. The user, therefore, can choose from maximum transparency to more opaque solutions, or from smooth and shiny or rough finishes, with patterns and reliefs.

Glass block, assembly of a partition wall

Forbuild a partition wallinglass block calculate the exact amount of bricks you need. The standard tile is square and composed of two elements joined by insulating material. The inside of each tile is hollow and guarantees good thermal and acoustic insulation.

Once you have identified the area in which to build the partition, you must prepare the perimeter area and wet it with concrete.

For this DIY, you need: carpenter's bucket, spatula and trowel, cement mortar (cement and sand), ready-to-use wall putty, metal strips as high as the wall, sandpaper of different grits. For the preparation of the cement mortar we invite you to read the page dedicated toDIY mortar. To make your work easier, instead of using cement mortar and stucco, you can use a specific adhesive for laying bricks or glass blocks.

The cement should be mixed with a little sand. Generally it is enough to spread just one centimeter on the lower part of the opening.

Lay the first bricks inglass blockon the layer of mortar, placing them at a distance of one centimeter from each other. This cavity will need to be filled with mortar using a carpenter's trowel.

After placing the first glass blocks, check the correct frontal alignment of the tiles with the level. Also check the horizontal alignment. In case of errors, correct by applying pressure with a tap with the handle of the same trowel or carpenter's spatula.

In the commesures (the spaces of one cm left between one tile and another) of the first row of laid tiles, insert metal plates. This will help you to make the structure more solid.

On the lower tiles, the ones that have just been laid, apply a 1 cm layer of mortar and lay the other tiles to cover the opening. The new tiles will be placed interlocking between one metal stick and the other.

As you proceed with the installation, clean the glass blocks with a damp cloth and then with a dry and clean piece of paper. In this way you will eliminate any mortar residues which, once dry, would be much more difficult to remove.

Once you have completed the full height of yourspartition, you can proceed with the arrangement of the edges.

Along the edges of the opening and along the commesures of thepartitionjust made, apply some wall putty. Unlike mortar, wall putty can be more easily covered with water-based paint.

Wait for the grout to dry. Once the grout has dried, with an abrasive paper, smooth it out and carefully until the surface is perfectly smooth and in line with the adjacent tiles.

You might be interested in the guide:DIY partition wall.

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