European Week for Waste Reduction

European Week for Waste Reduction

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European Week for Waste Reduction, a week every year in which an entire continent, ours, takes care not to throw things at random. That's right: for 7 days even the most distracted or indifferent are invited to try to produce less waste. Many realize that it takes little, and then they continue for the other weeks. This year too, the European Week for Waste Reduction is upon us.

European Week for Waste Reduction - EWWR: what it is

It is called it SERR for convenience and was born and continues as an initiative to implement and implement awareness-raising actions throughout Europe sustainability and proper waste management.Nobody can pretend that this special week does not exist, not public bodies, not companies, not civil society and not even any ordinary citizen. Everyone in his own "garden" can do a step towards a world with less trash.

The theme of this edition of the European Week for Waste Reduction and reducing the impact of packaging. Like? They can be used less, only if absolutely necessary, they can be reused and even recycled. In the SERR it is explained and shown through exhibitions, workshops and meetings to demonstrate that waste is also a resource if one knows how to observe and exploit it. It is the logic ofcircular economy.

European Week for Waste Reduction: when it takes place

There European Week for Waste Reduction starts November 17th and ends November 25th. We have time to write it down and to inform ourselves about the meetings and the online and offline initiatives organized.

How to participate in the EWWR 2018

Until a minute before the stroke of midnight that divides Wednesday 9 November from Thursday 10 we can register by connecting to the dedicated page and by recording the action we propose to make our contribution 2018. There are information sheets to start from but we can also work with imagination together with friends who share our values, the important thing is that we talk about how can we “Give objects a second life”.

We give objects a second life

It is the theme of this edition and it is a hot and current issue, it is necessary to face it with your head held high and informed. Today, for the models that govern the world in which we live, at least in Europe, objects are often disposable, we do not care to keep them carefully and we do not ask ourselves if they can also be used for something else, in a second life.

In this European week, therefore, great space is given to all the ideas and realities involved in the repair and reuse of objects, passing through creative recycling. The "European Week for Waste Reduction", born within the LIFE + Program of the European Commission, also aims to raise awareness among institutions, stakeholders, not just consumers, to avoid ending up covered in waste, by large waste.

European Week for Waste Reduction 2017

In 2017, the European week that is about to repeat itself, dedicated to waste, to reject avoidable waste, saw many countries actively involved, so much so that in total at the European level there were over 13,000 shares, of which four thousand in Italy. Our country has reconfirmed itself among the top nations in Europe.

In 2018 we cannot disappoint, therefore, and we are aiming forinvolve public administrations, associations and non-profit organizations, schools, universities, businesses, trade associations as much as possible and individual citizens to propose actions aimed at preventing, reducing or correctly recycling waste at national and local level.

Further details on previous editions are available on Italian official website

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