Install a garbage disposal, driving

Install a garbage disposal, driving

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Instructions forinstall a garbage disposalunder the sink. Do-it-yourself assembly, step-by-step explanation and demonstration video to make the installation athe reach of all.

Thewaste disposerinstalled under the kitchen sink, in the US, it is present in all homes. Timidly, these devices are also spreading from us.

The garbage disposal is very useful: it gives the possibility to throw all the organic waste produced directly into the sink. Of course, from an environmental point of view, those who have a garden would do better to use a composter so as to recycle the kitchen waste produced.

The waste shredder finely chops up food waste and other organic residues and conveys them to the domestic sewer system using a flow of water. Thus, the food waste disposer uses electricity (to chop organic matter) and water (to convey the resulting slurry down the pipes).

Install a garbage disposal, instructions

  1. Close the water key and start work by removing the sink siphon. Generally, there is water in the siphon, have a basin to collect it.
  2. Check that the water outlet hole of the sink has a diameter compatible with that of the garbage disposal. Once compatibility is guaranteed (by purchasing any fittings), proceed with the installation.
  3. To make the seal of the garbage disposalexcellent, you can add transparent silicone to the top seal of the garbage disposal and mount it while it is still fresh. This way you will get a perfect seal.
  4. Place the garbage disposal in contact with the outlet located under the sink. Turn the appropriate ring nut and lock the mechanism.
  5. Tighten the screws that secure the ring nut to the top of the sink drain hole.
  6. Connect the outlet pipe of the food dissipator to the exhaust system by adding, between the two elements, a new siphon with a U.

You have finished editingplumber, now you need to switch to the electrical connection.

The waste disposal unit has three classic cables (phase, neutral and earth) to be connected to the mains. The connection is made via the device terminal block.

Once installation is complete, check that it is working correctly: start the garbage disposal by throwing a residue down the drain.

Garbage disposal, advantages and disadvantages

There are manyopinionsdiscordant on the environmental utility of the garbage disposal. Often manufacturers of garbage disposalreport the case of Surahammar, a Swedish city that has equipped its citizens with food waste disposers, obtaining a clear reduction in waste sent to landfills. The administration has equipped 3,500 homes (out of 7,000) with a food waste. In the space of 10 years, the tons of personnel in landfills increased from 3,600 per year in 1996 to 1,400 in 2007.

Theopinionsnegative ongarbage disposalcome from communities that support the practice of compost for the production of organic fertilizer. Organic waste can be managed optimally without impacting the environment. Not only that, it would seem that not all cities are ready to accept garbage disposals due to inadequate sewage systems.

In the home, beforeinstall a waste disposal unit under the sinkyou should check the flow rate of your system for the management of gray water.

How much does a garbage disposal cost

Who wants install a garbage disposal under the sinkall he has to do is buy it and assemble it, even independently. You will not need to make any reports because the dealer will take care of this.

If you have not yet bought a garbage disposal, you can read our in-depth article dedicated to the most popular models on the market:sink waste disposal unit, prices and models.

You can get a quick overview of the prices offered by manufacturers by taking a look at the products on offer on Amazon: Garbage Disposal on Amazon.

Video: How To: Install First Garbage Disposal (August 2022).