Natural remedies with laurel

Natural remedies with laurel

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Natural remedies with laurel: useful information and advice. Therapeutic properties and contraindications in the use of laurel as a homeopathic remedy.

Not everyone knows thatlaurelit's anatural remedyto soothe rheumatism, colds, physical fatigue and indigestion. The active ingredients contained in theBay leaves, in fact, they include several properties, among these we mention:

  • Digestive properties
  • Stimulating properties
  • Soothing properties
  • Sweat properties
  • Relaxing properties

For all the properties of laurel, please visit the dedicated page: Laurel, properties and uses.

Natural remedies with laurel

Theproperty of laurelthey can be exploited through its infusion or its essential oil. In particular, thanks to the properties of laurel we could obtain excellent ones natural remedies versus:

  • Water retention and accumulation of toxins in the body
  • Colds and flu states
  • Rheumatism
  • Sprains and sprains
  • Stomach acidity and gastritis
  • Abdominal bloating and intestinal gas
  • Remedy to strengthen hair and make it brighter

DIY laurel infusion

The bay leaf infusion is very easy to prepare. Just mince 7 - 9 dried bay leaves, then soak them in a cup of boiling water for about 5 minutes, filter and allow to cool.

L'bay leaf infusionit should be drunk warm before going to bed, it promotes profuse sweating and will therefore help you eliminate waste and toxins from the body. Sweating and its stimulating properties will help you fight colds and flu states in the bud.

The sameinfusionof laurelcan be used asnatural remedyfor those prone to difficult digestions. In this context, it should be sipped after meals: it preventsstomach acid,gastritis, abdominal bloating and intestinal gas.

Laurel to soothe sprains and rheumatism

Laurel has mild anti-inflammatory properties, so a preparation based on essential oil of laurel can be useful to counteract various aches.

Add 3 drops of bay leaf essential oil to a tablespoon of wheat germ oil. Rub this ointment on the sore area and massage with circular movements. The mechanical action of rubbing, combined with the mild anti-inflammatory properties of the essential oil of laurel, will relieve pain.

Laurel essential oil, where to buy it

For all the properties of the essential oil of laurel or if you want to try to produce it at home from your plants, you can consult our dedicated page: Essential oil of laurel

The essential oil of laurel can be purchased in the most well-stocked health food stores or through online purchases. On Amazon, a 50ml bottle of 100% pure laurel essential oil you buy with 15.99 euros with free shipping. When buying, make sure you buy a 100% pure and unadulterated product.

Laurel, contraindications

Is Laurel toxic?
L'laurelmainly widespread in the Mediterranean is the speciesLaurus nobilis L. e it is not poisonous. The only toxic species is theLaurelcherry laurel.

There are no detailscontraindicationsin the use ofnatural remedies based on laurel. The only trick is to useBay leavesdried. Fresh or poorly dried leaves could cause nausea.

Natural remedies with laurel: body and hair care

Laurel essential oil is the main ingredient of the famous Aleppo soap, originally from Syria and very popular first in the Middle East and then exported throughout Europe. In the countries of origin, Aleppo soap was used as an anti-dandruff and anti-hair loss remedy.

It would seem that the essential oil of laurel would be able to strengthen the hair and make it brighter, perhaps thanks to the numerous antioxidant substances it contains.

For natural hair care, add 3 drops of bay leaf essential oil to a tablespoon of linseed oil. The ointment should be rubbed into the scalp. It is also a good natural remedy for those who want straight and shiny hair.

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