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Animal cemetery

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Cemetery for animals, a place that you do not want to think about when welcoming a puppy into the house, or a kitten, but which is necessary and desired by many owners in the painful moment of separation, after a life of 6 legs, together. There are those who may consider it to be something excessively sentimental, and are free to think so, but it is objective that when an animal we have at home dies, it arises the problem of what to do with his body.

It is important to know how to move, who to contact and, if desired, how to give them right burial or cremation. The death of a "pet", in addition to mourning, also charges us with a logistical "problem" that can be solved with the cemetery for animals.

Animal cemetery: how it works

There is talk of the death of "Pet" and this definition already makes us understand the emotional involvement underlying the desire to bury his body as we do with humans. The pet cemetery allows us to place our dog or cat in a suitable place, in all legality, and then make him visit during opening hours. It is an opportunity to know if we do not want to cremate our furry friend.

It depends on how it is organized the single cemetery for animals but there are the most advanced that offer the home collection service of the remains, by authorized means, and take charge of the procedure for canceling the microchip, the issue of the Veterinary certification at the service of burial and maintenance of the tomb between one visit and another of the owners.

Animal cemetery: cost

Like the services offered, the prices also vary from structure to structure. Maintaining the tombstone and the area, for 5 years, can cost around 250 euros, for a similar price, alternatively, you can also opt for cremation with re-entrusting of the ashes. There are many variations and options, it is better to inquire at the reference animal cemetery also to understand which solution is best suited to soothe our pain.

Animal cemetery: Milan

It is recent and is the first cemetery for pets and the largest in Italy and Europe, it is called "Il Fido Custode" and is located in a quiet green area of Parco Sud Milano between Parco Trenno and Bosco in Città.

This facility dedicates over 50,000 square meters, some completely fenced, and can accommodate up to 4,800 animals. This limit is temporary because the Milanese cemetery for animals aims to reach 30 thousand seats, at full capacity, without making a difference in race and size.

Animal cemetery: Rome

The capital also has its own cemetery for animals and is located in the Portuense area. The Roman structure has the municipal license and is called "Casa Rosa". Created by the father of the current owner, Luigi Molon, this area hosts not only dogs and cats but also pets less domestic but equally deserving of burial. He himself, first, wanted to bury the horse that accompanied him in his childhood.

Animal cemetery: Padua

A Animal cemetery in Veneto, verdant and well managed, is located in Padua, is dedicated to all pets and is called Argon. It was built in collaboration with the Municipality of Padua and occupies a green area near the Lower Isonzo Park and near the Prato della Valle.

For those who are not from those parts, it is good to know that it is a very quiet, peaceful place, away from traffic and noise. It is also well kept and, in the right season, animated by the singing of many birds that bring serenity to those who go to Animal cemetery to visit your paw friend.

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