Repair a leaking faucet

Repair a leaking faucet

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Repair a leaking faucet: DIY repair instructions for a leaking or dripping faucet. Tools to use and useful tips.

Repair a dripping faucetwithout having to call a plumber is a landslide victory in the field of home DIY!

Water is a precious commodity, a non-renewable resource that does not deserve any waste, even on your partbroken faucet leaking.

Generally, when a faucet leaks it is ... the fault of the worn seals! Rather than contacting the plumber to replace the tap seals, you can try to intervene in full autonomy.

Replacing the gaskets is a very simple and above all economical intervention. You will need a few tools and a pinch of good dexterity.

Repair a leaking faucet, instructions

First, make sure you have closed the water stop keys upstream of the meter. Closing the "water key" is essential before performing any plumbing work, just like unplugging the meter before changing a light bulb!

For this DIY you will need simple tools such as screwdrivers and wrenches of the size compatible with your tap. Some more modern taps have special keys, generally provided at the time of purchase, in this case, use the tools provided.

You will need a replacement part (new seals) and tow. You can buy hydraulic seals and tow in any hardware store, do-it-yourself or specialized in thermo-hydraulic equipment. As a replacement for tow, you can buy silicone-based synthetic products but we don't recommend them as they are far more expensive.

To start with therepair of the dripping faucet, you must first disassemble the tap. If it is a dated faucet, for repair and disassembly you can follow the instructions in the following video.

It is often not that easydisassemble a tapfor thereplacement of gaskets: limescale deposits could make working with the wrench really difficult.

In these circumstances it would be advisable to help yourself with a parrot key. To avoid scratching the taps, we recommend covering the “spout” of the parrot key with a soft cloth. Once unscrewed, the ring nut will be removed from above, leaving the body of the tap free.

When a tap drips, the water loss it can be located under the faucet knobs or under the main faucet. Also in this case, to better understand DIY, we refer you to a video tutorial.

In case of tap with mixer dripping, it may be necessary to change the entire cartridge. Even in this case, DIY is recommended because it is simple. How to proceed:

  • Lift the mixer. The flow of water should not happen because you have closed the "water key".
  • In the central position, there is the cold or hot water symbol. Lift it by levering with a very thin spatula. This gives you access to a screw to unscrew.
  • Unscrew and lift the mixer. Disassemble any "retainer" using a suitable wrench or a "parrot wrench". In this way you will have the possibility to lift the cartridge.
  • Replace the cartridge or repair the existing one.
  • Screw the mixer back on.
  • Add the cap with the hot and cold water indicator again.

If you want to replace the entire tap, we invite you to read our guidehow to disassemble a faucetalso suitable for space-saving sanitary ware such as those suspended on walls.

Take advantage of this intervention to clean the tap filters. The filters must be cleaned periodically, an obstruction caused by limescale could not only cause you low pressure problems, but could facilitate the wear of the seals and increase the risk of water leaks and various drips.

Video: How to Fix a Sink Leak Supply Valve, Lines, u0026 Faucet (June 2022).


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