From Daikin a new chiller to reduce emissions

From Daikin a new chiller to reduce emissions

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It minimizes not only operating costs but also CO2 emissions: the new EWWD-VZ chiller, latest creation in the category Daikin chiller, is the most efficient on the market, offers the highest ESEER index in its class and has a design suitable for any environment. It is even compact and pleasing to the eye, because save and act sustainably it's a nice thing".

New EWWD-VZ chiller: what it is

Proposed by Daikin Europe, a subsidiary of the Japanese multinational world leader in air conditioning and heating systems, the New EWWD-VZ chiller it is the most efficient system on the market, allowing to amaze us from various points of view. Economic, environmental, aesthetic, pragmatic.

In addition to minimizing operating costs, to which I will dedicate a paragraph later, there is an aspect that can only be important to us: reduce CO 2 emissions, a step forward on the green side that we always hope for when it comes to such useful and innovative devices.

Its extreme compactness is also important, since even that of space is a waste to be avoided. The New EWWD-VZ chiller it reduces the footprint by about 40% and at the same time incorporates a series of technologically advanced features. It is silent and versatile, it guarantees one delightfully comfortable application flexibility.

New EWWD-VZ chiller: minimized operating costs

Cost reduction is not a slogan: in this case, we can speak of reliable and comparable data. Compared to a traditional non-inverter product, the New EWWD-VZ chiller Daikin manages to get us - 25% of the running costs. Doing two calculations, the investment in green innovation, in a nutshell, comes back in less than two years.

This jewel of refrigeration is produced in Italy, in Daikin plant in Cecchina (Rome), and in addition to making us save “directly” on costs, it avoids us having to continually invest to keep up with European legislation.

Facing the increase in energy costs with its technology that reduces consumption, the New EWWD-VZ chiller is "Ahead" of the Law and we will never be caught unprepared. Then forced to remedy by spending.

Despite the low energy consumption, the high cooling capacity is ensured just like the efficiency that, when running at partial loads, approaches 97% of the duty cycle. Compared to other systems on the market, even when fishing among the most innovative competitors, the New EWWD-VZ chiller stands out, being able guarantee 15% more efficiency, an EER of 5.7 at full load and an ESEER of up to 8.3 at part load. Above all on costs, numbers count, and Daikin has the right ones to play in the game of savings.

New EWWD-VZ chiller for sustainable buildings

Can a cooler help us make it our building as sustainable as possible? In the case of the New EWWD-VZ chiller the answer is yes, and explaining why is not difficult at all.

The energy consumption of HVAV equipment has a considerable weight in almost half of the buildings existing today, so having a chiller with enviable performance is a turning point. It is an effective way to strengthen environmental certifications of buildings to achieve a high BREEAM or LEED score. Given what has been said so far, management costs remain low and this translates into the fact that the same property becomes cheaper thanks to Daikin, both for the owners and for the tenants.

The New EWWD-VZ chiller it falls within the regulatory and design standards currently established, choosing it is a sign of foresight. Today, in fact, high-efficiency HVAC systems capable of reducing energy consumption are increasingly in demand, especially by those who have taken a look at the European directive on carbon concentration which aims to reduce CO 2 emissions by 80% by 2050 and the F-Gas legislation governing direct emissions.

New EWWD-VZ chiller: design

You don't buy a refrigerator to furnish your home, but its design is important so that it fits in the best way and leaves the atmosphere we wanted to create in the home intact. In addition to elegance, there is also the convenience to amaze in the new EWWD-VZ chiller, linked to the fact that its width has been reduced to a minimum thanks to a unique design of the single-pass counter-current flow condenser and an oil separator integrated into the condenser shell.

To reach the maximum level of practicality and flexibility of application, the already slim refrigeration unit is also available with an optional modular electrical panel that facilitates movement through the doors.

The design of the New EWWD-VZ chiller, seen with a more technical eye, it includes a single screw compressor with Inverter technology and a high efficiency flooded type heat exchanger. We find ourselves having the choice between single compressor models from 450kW to 1.100kW and models larger with double compressor and double circuit with a power between 1,200kW and 2,100kW at Eurovent nominal conditions.

New EWWD-VZ chiller: application flexibility

The New EWWD-VZ chiller shows unsuspected functions such as that relating to the production of domestic hot water, up to 65 ° C. Furthermore, it is compatible with the new Daikin on Site Cloud Platform and this in practice means that we can monitor it remotely, optimizing its use with just one well thought out click.

To help us avoid all those phenomena of under or over compression, thus minimizing efficiency losses, the design has been studied in order to incorporate the technology Variable Volumetric Ratio (VVR) which optimizes the performance of the unit by adjusting the compressor discharge pressure to the condensing pressure.

Another aspect that I have only mentioned, but which I consider important, also for yours green impact, is the silence that this Daikin chiller ensures, thanks to the soundproofing cabinet that reduces noise emissions up to 81 dBA from 1 meter away. Not only that: thanks to modulating operation of the inverter, the sound pressure can drop up to 66 dBA at 1 meter under partial charge.

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