The 10 natural supplements essential for health

The 10 natural supplements essential for health

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Here are a fewnatural supplementsvery useful for improving the well-being of the body. Which supplement to use in case of need: from supplements for athletes to those to improve hair and nail growth.

Supplements for the elderly and supplements to improve female or male fertility.

For allnatural supplementsmentioned we will indicate where to find them or a detailed page that will give you all the information on the properties, contraindications and dosage. We remind you that, before using any supplement, even natural, it is advisable to consult your doctor or a good homeopath.

Lettuce decoction

Natural supplement of mineral salts

Lettuce provides important micronutrients such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, copper, potassium, sodium and many others. For all the info:lettuce, therapeutic properties

Brewer's yeast

Excellent vitamin B supplement

THEL brewer's yeast, natural source of minerals, vitamins and proteins, is a valid natural supplement for athletes, the elderly, convalescents and also for those who want to strengthen nails and hair or improve their growth. Yeast is the most complete source of B-complex vitamins, especially the much sought-after vitamin B9 or folic acid, which is very useful in pregnancy.

Evening primrose oil

Especially useful for women

It has anti-tumor properties and provides essential fatty acids. Excellent for counteracting pre-menstrual syndrome, hormonal imbalances, inflammation and helping female fertility; improves ovulation. It improves circulation and promotes cardiac activity.

For all the info on hiring, where to find it and ownership, see the page:evening primrose oil.

Borage oil

Especially useful during menopause

Borage oil provides valuable micronutrients such as vitamins and mineral salts, it provides essential fatty acids such as the famousomega-3, omega-6 and, in particular, thelinolenic acid.

The phytocomplex contained in the plant cells of borage oil would appear to be useful in rebalancing hormone levels in postmenopausal women.

It can be used in association with borage oil such as natural supplementto improve female fertility.

Where to find it? In the pharmacy, herbalist's shop or on Amazon where 360 ​​capsules (or pearls) can be bought at a price of 25.95 euros.

Borage oil can also be used to firm the skin (especially that of the breast or lower abdomen). For this use, we recommend reading the article dedicated to borage oil for skin and hair.

Serenoa repens

Especially useful for humans

Counteracts androgenic alopecia (hair loss linked to hormonal factors). It is a good one natural supplementto improve prostate health and rebalance male hormones.

It is widely used asnatural supplementto counteract sexual asthenia and decreased libido (it is also used for sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction). For all useful information, please refer to the dedicated page: Serenoa repens.

Black garlic

It helps the heart, the liver and the whole body

It is an ancient natural remedy widely used in China and Japan. Black garlic is not a particular variety of garlic ... it is the classic edible garlic left to ferment to enrich and enhance its properties. For all the information on where to find it and what its benefits and uses are likenatural supplement,we invite you to visit the dedicated page: black garlic.

White garlic

Natural supplement that helps the heart

It provides polyphenols, improves the immune system and can be considered a mild natural antibiotic. Garlic is able to lower blood pressure and blood coagulability, reduces cholesterol and triglycerides, lowering the risk of thrombus formation in the arteries.

For all information: garlic, properties.


Natural supplement for athletes

Thetribulusit is used by Ayurvedic medicine to protect the liver and the urinary tract even if its popularity is linked to the benefits it could bring to male and female fertility.

In particular, both in men and women, it would be able to counteract sexual asthenia and a drop in libido. In men, it is also used for sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction. It has many stimulating and regenerating properties, for which it is popular with sportsmen.

For all the information on how to use it and where to find it, please refer to the dedicated page:tribulus, plant and properties.

Silver lime

Natural supplement useful in case of fever

Due to its properties, lime is useful for counteracting stomach pain, headache, nervousness, stress, insomnia, mild hypertension (stress hypertension), anxiety, colds and flu symptoms.

For all the info: silver lime, properties.


Natural vitamin C supplement

Very useful for improving the immune system. The roots are rich in Vitamin C, vegetable proteins, minerals and inulin. For every information:Rapunzel, plant and properties.

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