Yoga positions to do at home

Yoga positions to do at home

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Yoga positions to do at homehere are someyoga exercisesyou can do at home. Positions for relaxation, meditation, to strengthen muscles, stretch them or to lose weight.

The āsana (in Sanskrit आसन) are locations or postures used in some forms of yoga. On this page we will describe some asana to take to practice yoga at home.

Yoga positions to do at home

Let's start with a classic position, that of"Dog upside down" or "dog looking backwards", better defined asAdho Mukha Svanasana. The asanaAdho Mukha Svanasanais shown in the photo above.

Thisyoga positionis aimed atstretch your back and strengthen your back muscles. Used in meditation to learn to see the world from another perspective: upside down!

How to assume the downward dog yoga position

It is easy to assume: get on all fours and align your head with the spine. Point your toes and, keeping your heels raised, push your buttocks towards the ceiling while stretching your back. The legs should not be straight or stiff, you should keep them slightly bent.

To stretch the back and strengthen the muscle bundles, push the buttocks towards the ceiling; if you feel pain or discomfort, stop. Lift your heels slightly off the ground, take a few breaths and return to all fours to finish the pose.

Thereposition of the childorBalasanait is the asana of rest, relaxation and relaxation. It is used to relieve back pain and especially to relax body and mind.

How to assume the yoga position of the child

To assume thisyoga position indoors, kneel on the ground and sit on your heels. Try to align head and trunk, relax your arms and place your hands on the floor with palms facing up and fingertips facing back as shown in the photo.

Once on your knees, breathe and lean forward slightly until your stomach and chest are resting on your thighs.

Thisyoga positionwas born forrelaxation: the asana must be comfortable, adjust until you are comfortable! Try to spread your thighs slightly or move your arms outwards until you have found one position of the child comfortable.

This position must be assumed for 30 seconds up to a maximum of 5 minutes. Return to the starting position (kneeling) very slowly, inhaling and lifting the trunk and head.

Yoga positions for weight loss

For the yoga poses to do at home to lose weight, I refer you to the pageYoga for weight loss where the asana of the Camel is described.

Yoga breathing

In carrying out the yoga exercises at home, especially if you move from self-taught, pay close attention to your breathing. In practice yoga, breathing plays a fundamental role. If you are practicing yoga exercises at home for weight loss, you can take advantage of the "breath of fire" technique while if it is exercises to strengthen the muscles, stretch or yoga positions to relaxor to meditate, deep breathing is the most suitable. To learn the right breathing to be implemented during yours yoga exercises at home, we refer you to the article dedicated toYoga breathing.

N.B .: nobody forbids you an approachself-taught yogabut for some exercises it would be better to be guided by an expert or to rely on illustrated manuals.

Yoga positions to do at home: photos and cards

Like any practice that affects our body, so tooyoganeeds expert guides to check the correct execution of the various positions (asanas), however, those who do not want to engage in private lessons can take advantage of photos of the asanas, descriptive cards and detailed instructions found on the web or in specialized manuals.

For a more careful learning of theasana, rather than wandering the web, I recommend purchasing a textbook containing illustrations and instructions. Among the various books on the market I recommend “Yoga. Manual for home practice “, created just for those who wantpracticing yoga indoorsin full autonomy. The manual does not represent afirst flouringas well as our guide: the manual contains the key to correctly assume 12 o'clock basic positions of yoga, you will not only be shown the final position but also the various steps to be able to assume it. To the basic asana, related exercises are associated to exploit the benefits of yoga.

When you have familiarized and mastered the basic positions of yoga, you can devote yourself to learning other positions and exercises through the use of more dispersive texts.

Equally valid is the book "Yoga, a small guide to positions, exercises, breathing and meditation”But it is a very concentrated text that risks being too dispersive, especially for those who approach yoga at home with too much enthusiasm! :) This second book contains 60 illustrated cards of yoga positions for meditation, breathing, strengthening, relaxing or stretching the muscles. It is very useful but I recommend purchasing it only after having finished and mastered the 12 asanas of the previous manual.

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