How to use leftover food

How to use leftover food

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How to use leftover food:tips forrecycling leftover food.From advanced pasta to ricotta, from chocolate to panettone. Not only leftovers, advice on the recovery of food waste that usually ends up in the waste bin.

As precise as you may be with the portions, it is inevitable that something can be left over during meals: foods forgotten in the oven, leftovers from yesterday's lunch or vegetables left in the refrigerator for some time.

These foods should not be wasted, on the contrary, they can become the main ingredient of new and tasty dishes. Let's make a brief overview of the "recipes saves waste”And let's see how to use leftover food starting from the most classic way, the pasta pizza.

A tasty example of recycling of food leftovers?
The leftover ricotta, well dried, is used to make fried ricotta in batter, nice tasty appetizers!

Recycle leftover pasta

The leftover pasta can become a pasta pizza or an omelette

For recycle the leftover pasta you need some eggs, a handful of Parmesan, salt and oil (or butter) to grease the pan.

The procedure is very simple, just beat the eggs, add the salt and pour them on the leftover pasta, add the cheese. Depending on the amount of eggs you choose to use, a pasta omelette or a pasta pizza will come out.

If you opt for the pasta pizza, with this recipe you canrecycle leftover cheeses and cured meatsto combine with the pasta.

Mix everything until the pasta is mixed well, pour the mixture into a non-stick pan in which you have preheated the oil and wait for the cooking to finish.

For leftover dough pizza, the pan is placed in a preheated oven at 180 ° C and cooked for 20 - 30 minutes.

When you notice that the omelette begins to thicken, help yourself with a plate to turn it over. Cook until both sides are golden and crunchy.

How to use vegetable leftovers

For leftovers like vegetables, there are less common alternatives, among these the tastiest are croquettes.

The leftover vegetables that can be used in this recipe are numerous: peas, zucchini, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower ... the important thing is that the vegetables are cut into small pieces.

Vegetable croquettes are an excellent side dish for meat dishes. What you need for this dish is mashed potatoes (or mashed boiled potatoes) and grated cheese.

Mix the mashed potatoes with the blanched vegetables. Season with Parmesan and add salt. With the dough, form discs about 2 cm high and let them rest in the refrigerator for about an hour, after which you can fry your croquettes in a non-stick pan.

Frying times vary according to the intensity of the flame but are usually not more than 8 minutes.

How to use leftover food: vegetables and rice leftovers

Alternatively, to the vegetable meatballs, the leftover vegetables can be used for the filling of Rice Arancini or meatballs.

The leftover rice can be used to make arancine (or arancini) or rice pizzas in a similar way to that seen for pasta pizza.

How to recycle cheese, ricotta and mozzarella

With the pieces of cheese you can prepare the filling of meatballs, meatballs, pizzas, small pizzas or ... even a simple omelette. Ditto for ricotta and mozzarella.

Leftover mozzarella, drier and more consistent, can be used for the preparation of mozzarella in carrozza.

Even leftover ricotta, which is drier and denser, can be used for frying in batter. Cut the ricotta into cubes, prepare a batter with flour and sparkling water. Dip the ricotta in the batter and fry in plenty of oil. You will get delicious appetizers!

Reclaimed kitchen: recycling food scraps

Thekitchen scrapsthey can be very useful for preparing different courses.

Asparagus stalks, artichoke scraps, legume skins, mushroom stalks… everything can find a second life.

Any vegetable scraps can be used to make a DIY cube or vegetable broth.

The asparagus stems can be used for the preparation of soups or creams as well as the mushroom stems can be dried and filled with excellent “ricotta and mushrooms” ravioli. Here are some guides for reusing kitchen scraps:

  • How to recycle bean husks
  • Recipes with pea skins
  • How to fry potato skins
  • Recycle the pumpkin peel

How to recycle stale bread

Thererecovery kitchenhas no limits: stale bread can be used for classic bruschetta, to make “freselle” or for the preparation of appetizers.

Dip the stale bread in milk. Pass it in a batter (like the one described for fried ricotta) and fry it. If you have other leftovers, you can stuff the bread with leftover cold cuts and cheeses.

How to use leftover chocolate

For theleftover chocolatewe refer you to the recipes to recycle the chocolate of Easter eggs:how to use chocolate eggs.

The tiramisu recipe prepared with pandoro or colomba left over from the holidays can be very useful: how to recycle the panettone.

In the photo in the middle of the page, a leftover zucchini omelette with ricotta.



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