How to drive away pigeons

How to drive away pigeons

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How to remove pigeons:remedies to keep doves and pigeons away from the balcony, garden or terrace of the house. Effective solutions and useful repellents.

Differences between pigeons, doves and wood pigeons

Among the best known birds that can colonize the domestic environment, there are the birds of the Columbidae family. These include the common turtle dove (Columbina passerina) and idoveswhich according to local customs are often calledpigeonsorwood pigeons(in short, pigeons, doves and wood pigeons are the same thing!).

Between dovesthe wild pigeon (Columba livia) and its domestic form (Columba livia variety domestica) are more widespread in our territory. Not only columbidae, in recent times, crows and crows are also spreading in the home environment. If you have problems with corvids, many solutions have been described on the “how to keep crows away” page.

How to drive away pigeons

THEdovesorpigeonsthey often settle in the home, eventually colonizing the attic and balconies in a stable manner. Damage caused bydovesthey are many. The hygienic aspect must be considered: pigeons can be vectors of diseases, carry fleas or even ticks. The excrement stains balconies, terraces and gardens not to mention the damage they can cause to infrastructures such as antennas, dishes and other systems. It is undeniable: that ofpigeonsit is a problem that must be solved with serious and effective remedies.

The problem ofpigeons and doveson the balconies it is so strong that teams and companies specialized in bird control have been born. These companies propose the installation of steel bollards (as indicated in the last paragraph dedicated to mechanical repellents) or even low voltage electrified cables and wires. In order not to get to contact a company, here are a series of remedies for drive away pigeons in a natural way (without resorting to any poison) and above all effectively.

Ultrasound against pigeons and pigeons

There are ultrasound systems on the market designed to repel birds, rodents, insects and other animals. The ultrasound frequency is adjustable and these devices are battery operated. In fact, opinions about it are very mixed. There are those who recommend them but after having personally tried an ultrasonic device to remove insects from the garden (also very expensive), I must say that I am very disappointed with this technology.

Reflective tape

A very ancient natural remedy tando to win the title ofgrandmother's remedy, provides for the use of reflective tapes. On the market there is no shortage of adhesive tapes to be applied along cornices and balconies. These reflective adhesive tapes should act like classic scarecrows. In fact, even in agriculture, reflective and colored tapes are often used to keep birds away from the fields ... the only drawback is that sooner or later the pigeons will get used to the novelty and if at first they may be wary, this remedy may not be effective long-term.

Structural repellents to ward off pigeons

Who is willing to just do anything for drive away pigeons it will have to adopt structural repellents also called "spiked bollards". These are long needle needles sold in kits sold by the meter.

These repellents are used to cover the perimeter of the house roof or the windowsill of the balcony, terrace or veranda. On the market there are both plastic and metal, we recommend metal ones to avoid a replacement after only one year: rain, sun and hail tend to weaken the plastic and thewood pigeonsbigger ones will have no difficulty breaking them. The situation with metal needles is quite different: more robust and durable over the years.

These pigeon repellentsthey can be easily installed with the DIY even if you must comply with all safety measures in case of roof installation.

These kits, consisting of long pin needles, mechanically prevent pigeons from resting on buildings. They can be mounted on eaves or window sills.

On Amazon, a ready-to-use kit (made of stainless steel) can be bought at a price of 7.85 euros.

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