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Dog app, in the era in which we also use smartphones to talk to those in front of us, apps and functions to communicate and interact with those who wag their tails around us or snuggle up at our feet cannot be missing. Ideas are not lacking, the app for dogs flock, let's see some useful, fun, to try.

Dog control app

In addition to checking if someone enters the house in our absence, with a camera connected to the mobile phone, why not make sure that our adventurous little dog does not get lost? Or that our wonderful purebred specimen is not kidnapped? Many wish keep an eye on but not under an eye all day your pet and app for dogs who control their movements from a distance are perfect for these caring owners.

An example for all is FitBark, app that monitors everything our dog is doing providing us with statistics, graphics and goals. Through the Bluetooth of the smartphone we connect to a device connected to the dog's collar, controlling everything it does for us. And eventually we will get a report.

If we want one instead Dog app that keeps memory of the six-legged walks we take, there is MapMyDogWalk, which keeps track of the routes, the time taken, the distance, the speed and the calories consumed and, if desired, also takes photos.

Dog microchip app

L'App for dogs linked to microchip must be borrowed from the Anglo-Saxon world: it is called My Dog UK and combines microchip, GPS and database technologies allowing us to track down a lost animal. In addition to giving us dog care tips, it creates a network of owners around us by facilitating friendships and collaborations between neighbors with the same canine passion.

Dog app: games

Dog toys are not just balls, intertwined ropes and puppets that emit their ringing blaring making neighbors jump on the sofa and on our heads: they also exist Dog app which entertain them and at the same time develop their logical skills.

It comes from Sardinia a nice app that already intrigues from the name: "Bautiful". Or better, Bautiful Box, an interactive game that rewards your dog with a kibble when solving quizzes. And it works just like human quizzes, complete with illuminated buttons and increasing levels of difficulty so that the dog does not get bored.

L' Bautiful Dog App it is only part of the idea, because there is also the console, in both ways it is possible to obtain a report of the activities and progress of your dog, of the quizzes solved and the prizes swallowed.

App to train dogs

If you have never had a dog, or are uncertain about how to manage it on some special occasions, with your smartphone in your hand, you can find advice and tips with the PhoenixStudios dog app.

In addition to the breed guide, with as many as 300 types of dogs described and immortalized, this app provides training tips useful on various occasions. Not only the basic principles are at hand even if we are in the middle of a park, but also specific indications for agility, to participate in exhibitions, to decrypt the body language of the little nervous dog that we cross on the way back.

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