Outdoor whirlpools

Outdoor whirlpools

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Outdoor whirlpools: from underground to above ground solutions. Prices, models and lots of useful information.

Theoutdoor whirlpoolsthey are an excellent gift to be given: they bring an oasis of relaxation and well-being to the backyard. Hot water is able to relax our tense muscles while the jets of water are able to tone us up and massage the body.

Thewhirlpools currently on the market, almost all have advanced technology capable of ensuring comfort through adequate temperatures and excellent water jets.

How a hot tub works

The action of the hydromassage is regulated by a pump and by the various pipes connected to the different water delivery outlets. The hydromassage works by exploiting the physical principle of the Venturi effect: the pump sucks the water from the filter and channels it into the delivery outlets (those that introduce the jet of water from the hydromassage), it is in the outlets that the water flows air mixture (Venturi effect) creating lots of bubbles and that massaging water jet.

The air, which is moved by the force of the water, forms many bubbles. Air bubbles hitting our skin "break" thus releasing oxygen which, combined with the effect of hot water, favors the dilation of our vessels. On the contrary, the same bubbles combined with cold water have a shrinking effect. This is why hot hydromassage interspersed with cold baths can greatly help circulation and counteract cellulite.

Outdoor hot tub, installation

If the Jacuzziis equipped with an autonomous heating system, only the connection to the plumbing system will be required for installation. If the tank is equipped with an electric heating system, it will need to be installed close to the electricity supply as well as the water supply.

For the installation of the outdoor hot tub however, attention must be paid to some aspects:

  • The weight of the tub.
    If you install the tub on the terrace, check the load capacity of your support.
  • At the water connection.
    In the place where you want to put the hot tub, you need to make a connection for the water inlet and discharge;
  • Electrical system.
    The tub must be installed in a place where the electricity network is available.

Outdoor hot tubs, prices

How much does one costoutdoor hot tub? The cost of one outdoor hot tubdepends on many factors, first of all, on the quantity of jets that determine the quality and power of the whirlpool. The other key features are those seen in the article dedicated to the inground or above ground pool. Here are some of the determining factors in the price of a garden hot tub:

  • underground or above ground
    generalizing it can be said that those buried cost less.
  • Absence or presence of a system to heat the water
  • Type of water heating system
    some models incorporate heating with a wood stove.
  • Dimensions of the tank
  • External finishes
  • External coating
  • Design and materials

For all prices and models, we refer you to the official Amazon page:
outdoor hot tub, prices and updated models.

Those looking for a model that is resistant, functional and economical, can aim for theinflatable whirlpools. At the time of purchase, it is advisable to check the efficiency of the heating system and the type of maintenance to be dedicated to the tank.

Inflatable whirlpool

Among the various models on the market we point out theinflatable hot tubIntex, Pure Spa Bubble Therapy with heater and water purification system.

ThisJacuzziit is available in two different sizes: 191 x 71 cm and 216 x 71 cm. It has an insulating multilayer coating and in the purchase package there is a kit for cleaning and filtering the water and a protective cover. The integrated heating system manages to bring the water to temperature in a short time. The heating ranges from 20 ° to 40 ° C and the heating times, for the entire water volume, are contained compared to the other models on the market: in the summer season the water increases by about 3 degrees per hour, while Outside temperatures are colder the water temperature rises by about 1.5 degrees per hour.

ThereJacuzziPure Spa Bubble Therapy small is suitable for the stay of 4 people while the large one is suitable for 6 people. The smaller model has 120 water jets for the hydromassage while the larger model has 140.

Thisoutdoor hot tub, in specialized shops, it is found at prices ranging from 600 to 900 euros (depending on the model, whether small or large). On Amazon, the same product is offered at the promo price of 418 euros for theJacuzzifrom 191 x 71 and priced at 595 euros for the 216 x 71 cm model. Both products have free shipping costs. For photos and all the info on the price and features, please refer to the official Amazon page.

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