5 Tibetans: benefits

5 Tibetans: benefits

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5 Tibetans, it is not the beginning of a joke nor a list of principles that from above claim to teach us how to live. These are rituals that we can understand as daily practices, perhaps for a good awakening, perhaps to be combined with the Greeting to the Sun. Let's understand them as we like, let's read them and don't care, or let's try to see if what they say is true: they would be the 5 Tibetans the secret to staying young, or to rejuvenate. It depends on our current age.

5 Tibetans: what they are

THE 5 Tibetans, "rites" it remains an implied word, they are simple exercises that help keep the body agile and flexible. They not only act on the body but also on the mind and our mentality. Lamas practice them on traditional prayer rugs but they do not lose effect if a Non-slip Yoga Mat, the important thing is to practice them with precision, consistency and regularity. Let's see which are, one by one, the 5 Tibetans.

The First Rite it consists of a clockwise rotation of our body, clockwise, because it is alone so the energy flowsStanding, legs slightly apart, raise the arms so that they are parallel to the floor, palms down, and rotate the arms, leaving them parallel to the ground. We start with a few rotations and never go over 21 laps.

The Second of the 5 Tibetans it makes us lie on the back with the arms at the sides and palms resting on the floor and the chin towards the chest. Bringing the legs at right angles to the floor, hammer feet, we make sure that the knees do not bend.

Always a maximum of 21 times we repeat and move on to Third Rite putting ourselves in the position that in Yoga is called the camel. With the hands on the hips, we bend the head forward and then back arching the back: this is a great exercise for strengthen the back muscles, improve the flexibility of the spine and posture.

The Fourth of the 5 Tibetans start sitting, legs straight and slightly apart, back straight, hands on the floor. You should tilt your head forward and then back and then, with your arms straight, raise yourself to create a right angle between your legs and thighs, a position that strengthens legs and arms.

We arrived at Fifth of the 5 Tibetans which transforms us into quadrupeds: by pointing the toes on the mat, lowering the pelvis, we support ourselves with erect arms, bringing our chin upwards. While the heels rest on the floor, a leg-in-the-air V is formed between the back and legs, just like the Yoga position of the dog upside down, which strengthens the arms and legs, relieving stress.

5 Tibetans: benefits

They go practiced in the morning, the 5 Tibetans, and it is no coincidence since they are aimed at activate vital energy that we have in us, without our knowledge. It is not a kind of magical resurrection, they do not give us the strength we do not have, do not expect a miracle but a beneficial effect that gradually becomes more and more evident and appreciable. Both at the body level, in muscle flexibility and in general well-being, both on a psychological level: less stress and more harmony.

5 Tibetans: nutrition

A balanced diet associated with the 5 Tibetans it can amplify its power. We then follow the advice and the menu of the monks who practice these daily exercises. Their feeding is extremely simple and free from processed foods such as sugar and white flours, additives, sweeteners and flavor enhancers. Even the bread is the one produced with slow natural leavening and rich, sun-ripened ingredients.

The 5 Tibetans they do not prefer a vegetarian diet, only animal meat should be avoided and animal proteins, reduced as well as butter and oil. The honey is the only dessert used and fermented foods and drinks based on rice, soy, tea, milk are the basis of every meal, to be chewed with the utmost care and patience.

5 Tibetans: book

The five Tibetans. The ancient secret of the fountain of youth”Is the book that reveals these ancient rites in all their power. It is not a philosophical but a practical volume, it reviews the various methods for physically and mentally reverse the aging process citing the secrets from distant Himalayan monasteries. It is better to keep it on the bedside table to wake up and dedicate yourself to 5 Tibetans with the utmost diligence.

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