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Dog games

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Dog toys, scattered around the house and even in the garden, sometimes without understanding why some make people crazy with fun nour furry friends, and others are completely ignored. Yet it is important to understand which Dog Toys are necessary for their growth and their health and which ones are only vices, avoidable, or non-essential.

Puppy dog ​​toys

Puppies by definition play, they play with everything they find, even with what we try to save from their wicked exuberance. Better then to choose Puppy dog ​​toys to keep them busy and prevent them from wreaking havoc on the rest of the house.

At 6 euros on Amazon there are some splendid toy plushes that, besides being soft and aesthetically very nice, also emit their own cheeses. they attract and distract restless puppies.

Homemade dog toys

DIY is useful and often involves recycling of material, so it's doubly appreciated. In the case of Dog gamesHowever, it is good to use great caution in creating and proposing objects made with our hands to our animals. They don't have to be dangerous, have spikes or parts that, if ingested, damage them.

Smart toys for dogs

It is not enough for dogs to move randomly, shaking their tail: they need mental stimuli and there are Dog games on purpose that they provide them in a fun and stimulating way. In this wooden puzzle There is a morsel of stimulant, you win it and you can only swallow it if you can solve the puzzle. This Smart Toy Flip above all, it aims to develop the intuition of the dog that will never get bored, we find it on Amazon for 18 euros.

Super resistant dog toys

Resistant, they must always be, the objects that end up between the paws of a dog, but for some breeds and some temper, it is good to get Dog games super resistant like this trio of braided cords in an imaginative way perfect for training chewing.

If we have an animal that often bites for fun, without hurting us but annoying us and destroying slippers and pillows and everything that comes within range, better give it as a "meal" dog biting toys, resistant, which it will not be able to shred.

Dog toys: what they are for

After this roundup of proposals to choose from i Dog games that are right for us, let's see why it is important that dogs do not remain without these objects. It's not about vices or distractions but of important tools to ensure them a both mental and physical exercise which makes them grow, educates them, makes them age well.

The Games are also useful for practicing exercises to train your dog.

Let's not forget an additional benefit related to Dog games: they increase the quality.

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