Stuffed nose in children, natural remedies

Stuffed nose in children, natural remedies

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Stuffed nose in children, natural remedies and advice. How to get rid of stuffy noses in babies and children. Grandma's remedies, herbal remedies and homeopathy.

Getting rid of a stuffy nose can be a big deal when the patient is a child or infant! Thecausesof thestuffy noseinbabies and childrenthey can be multiple. The most common:

  • Allergy
    very likely if flanked by other symptoms such as red and / or tearing eyes, most likely the cause of the stuffy nose is to be connected to the allergy. A stuffy nose from allergy can be with or without mucus.
  • Influence
    sore throat, fever, cough, stuffy nose ... they can be symptoms of a flu infection. Symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain and loss of appetite can sometimes be linked.
  • Cold
    A stuffy nose is the most common symptom of the classic cold. It can often be related to chest pain and / or sore throat. A cold stuffy nose can present with or without mucus.
  • Deviated nasal pyramid

Stuffed nose in children, natural remedies with essential oils

Essential oils, especially those of thyme, eucalyptus and malaleuca, are very useful for freeing the stuffy nose in young and old.

A stuffy nose at night can be a big problem for the quality of sleep: if the stuffy nose is so annoying that it causes trouble in breathing at night and waking the baby up during the night, we recommend that you spray a couple of drops of malaleuca essential oil. on the pillow.

Malaleuca essential oil decongests the nasal cavities and can also be useful for fumigations.

For fumigations, pour 5 drops of tea tree essential oil into a bowl filled with boiling water. As soon as the steam is tolerable, have the children take inhalations with their heads covered by a towel over the basin; continue for 10 minutes.

If it is a newborn or in any case the child is too young for the fumigations, add 2 drops of the same essential oil to 2 tablespoons of sweet almond oil; use this ointment to rub on the chest.

Malaleuca essential oil is better known as Tea tree oil or Tea Tree oil, it is easily found in herbalist's shops or can be bought using online purchases. A good Malaleuca essential oil, with an excellent quality / price ratio, is offered on Amazon at:Tea Tree Oil. A 50 ml bottle is offered at a price of 8.99 euros, it is a 100% pure product that can never be used on the skin if it is not diluted first. This is why before rubbing it on the baby's chest it must be diluted in almond oil.

Closed nose without muchi

If thestuffy noseit is not accompanied by secretions, it is even more important to avoid the baby being exposed to a dry environment. Add a humidifier in the room most frequented by the child. The stuffy nose without mucus it can also be a symptom of an allergy.

The stuffy nose without mucusit can be a very common symptom of a simple cold. If the child or infant has a stuffy nose without mucus that appears after exposure to cold and worsens in the open air, in homeopathy7-9 CH Dulcamara granules are recommended.

We remind you that i homeopathic remedies they should be treated like drugs. Before purchasing or administering any homeopathic remedy, consult your pediatrician, homeopath or doctor.

Stuffed nose in children, other remedies

Remember to:

  • Avoid dry air, humidify domestic environments and ensure good air exchange.
  • Avoid sudden changes in temperature.
  • Avoid an excess of blankets.
  • Give plenty of water and propose a diet rich in liquids: broth, fruit and soups.
  • Perform a nasal wash daily.
  • Take your child to the pediatrician to identify any allergies.

Other natural remedies for babies

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