Domestic micro wind: when it is convenient, kit and price

Domestic micro wind: when it is convenient, kit and price

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Domestic micro wind: cost, installation, when it is convenient and where to buy it. Wind power from balcony or garden.

Would you like to buy a micro wind kit for home useand have you tried to search for products on the web? This is not a spot but the indication of interesting wind turbines that you will have to evaluate according to your needs and based on the amount of wind blowing on the roof or near your home.

When it comes to a domestic micro wind system it is not easy to make definitive assessments or to come to firm conclusions about convenience. THEdomestic wind generatorsthey are small and compact devices, they allow you to produce a fair amount of energy.

Who decides to buy one small wind turbine can expect to halve the cost of the electricity bill only after carefully sizing and studying the windiness. Typically themicro domestic windit is chosen to make electrical connections where the electricity grid does not arrive: terrace, garden, sailboat, camper ...

When is it convenient to install a domestic wind turbine?

Let's clarify immediately, there is a big difference between micro-wind and mini-wind. A mini wind power plant provides for greater investments in the face of a higher production capacity but with all that this entails (more demanding plant in terms of wind and space). In this article we will focus on domestic micro wind kitthat can be DIY installed without any permission.

Those who intend to make a more conspicuous investment can deepen the topic "affordability" reading the articledomestic wind, it's worth it.

Themicro winddomesticagrees a lot if you intend to install a garden lamp or bring electricity to the roof without making any connection to the electricity grid.

Domestic micro wind, price

The priceof a kitmicro windfor domestic use varies greatly according to the starter capacity and the energy production of thewind turbine. They range from a few hundred euros for the simpler models, to several thousand euros for themicro domestic windwhich promises to produce an electrical capacity of 1 or 2 kW.

On the market there is no shortage of combined "island" kits, also known as stand-alone hybrid kits that combine the power of wind energy with photovoltaic energy. In this case, the kit includes a wind turbine and one or more solar panels.

When you decide to buy a domestic micro wind turbinemake sure thewind turbinescan guarantee a very low noise level and therefore can be easily installed near any home. For the installation of themicro wind generatorsno permit is required, on the contrary, the permit must be requested if you buy a wind generator classified as a mini wind turbine.

Among the various products on the market we point out the Eco-Worthy Wind Turbine Generetor + Solar Power combined kit, available in different configurations / powers. In particular, the product is available in the power of:

  • 400w
  • 500w
  • 560w
  • 580w
  • 600w
  • 700w

The purchase price of a micro wind kit it ranges from 334 euros for the smallest 400 watt up to 684 euros for the 700w model. The product is offered on Amazon with free shipping. The 600w model is offered at a price of 590 euros.

In all cases, the power expressed is combined between wind and solar generator. For example, in the 600 W model and costing 590 euros, themicro wind turbineproduces 400 W while the remaining 200 watts are offered by two small solar panels of 100 watts each.

All kits come with connectors and a 24 volt battery. It is not necessary to buy any inverters because it will be possible to connect the devices to be charged directly to the charge controller.

Thewind generatorit consists of a turbine with three nylon fiber blades with a stabilizing tail. Theredomestic micro wind turbinein question, has a safety system designed to protect the plant in the event of gusts of wind. The wind blade is made of die-cast aluminum. The solar panels are supplied with a 90cm cable (12AWG with male / female MC4 type quick connectors).

For all product details (description, components, images ...)we refer you to the official Amazon page.

Those who intend to power a small mountain cabin with solar energy and wind energy, can aim for more powerful (and even more expensive) stand alone kits. A power of 1.5 kW can be obtained at the price of 1,485 euros, in this case, the cost includes accumulators and inverters.

The power produced is shared with 400 watts from wind energy and 11 watts from solar energy. Also in this case, for all the details, we refer you to the official page: 1500w Off Grid system.