Relaxing herbal teas: benefits

Relaxing herbal teas: benefits

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Relaxing herbal teas, to be sipped in the evening as in an afternoon of rain or intense stress. Usually it is prepared and tasted before going to sleep, since they help to fall asleep by acting on our body so that the night is really restful and not agitated even if with closed eyes.

Even with the Relaxing herbal teas we must not exaggerate. They are natural and have numerous beneficial properties but the doses must be respected. One sachet per cup or, if we use "loose" mixtures, one or two teaspoons. A cup is usually understood to be filled with about 250ml of boiling water.

Relaxing herbal teas for anxiety

There passionflower in herbal medicine it is often used to combat feelings of anxiety and anguish, therefore it is perfect for preparing herbal teas relaxing and calming. We take two teaspoons of dried passionflower for each cup we want to get but we don't exceed two cups a day.

Another interesting drink that helps overcome anxiety and stress, recommended for all types of nervous agitation, is the one based on Hawthorn. It is particularly valuable because it can calm us down but it does not cause drowsiness, a side effect that can sometimes be unwelcome.

For example, if we want to calm down but have to drive or work: we certainly cannot run the risk of being caught by an abbiocco. The Relaxing hawthorn herbal teas have sedative, anxiolytic and hypotensive properties, they may also contain lemon balm and hops, or the same passion flower as seen above.

Relaxing herbal teas for sleeping

Not all relaxing herbal teas help us fall asleep, some not at all, some in part. And then there are those that seem to have been designed specifically to accompany us to bed and tuck in the covers, like the one at Linden, friend of those suffering from sleep disorders, calming and sedative. It also has appreciated diuretic properties that have little to do with sleep but are always useful for general well-being.

Before stocking up on this herbal tea it is best check that you are not allergic to the plant, this obviously also applies to all other relaxing herbal teas.

Note is also the valerian herbal tea for how he can relax and say good night To prepare a valerian infusion you need a level teaspoon of valerian root for every 200-250ml cup of boiling water, it is usually drunk before bedtime to get the most out of its effect.

If we do not sleep well and we also have a little cough, however, it is more than valerian verbena to make our case. In fact, we find this plant recommended both because it sedates and because very effective in case of bronchitis and also has a mucolytic. It looks perfect for the winter season when cold-related ailments are more likely to prevent us from resting peacefully.

Relaxing herbal tea: benefits

Among the various Relaxing herbal teas there are some with wide-ranging effects that we can prefer if we do not have specific problems but want to sip something to stay calm. This is the case of lemon balm, for example: in addition to being calming it also has a great flavor that puts a great mood.

It is obtained from the leaves of this plant, dried and chopped, we find them in herbal medicine but we can also grow them and drink a DIY herbal tea.

In combination with lemon balm also the hop it can be used for the preparation of relaxing herbal teas, the flowers must be taken and then left to dry. They have sedative, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties, they also help those with stomach disorders or lack of appetite due to nervousness.

Relaxing herbal teas for the stomach

Ad hoc to relax the stomach, there is mallow herbal tea which also acts on the intestine, giving us a feeling of general well-being. We can also find it in the recommended ones in case of inflammation of the urinary tract and mild episodes of cystitis. Together with flax seeds, it relaxes the muscles of the intestine and facilitates the transit of toxins.

There lavender, its flowers, are an ingredient for Relaxing herbal teas when combined with chamomile and lemon balm. They get infusions with phenomenal properties regarding digestion. Lavender also relaxes when used to soak in the bathtub.

Anti-stress herbal tea

Everyone knows it, it is now the symbol of antistress in the cup, it is there Chamomile tea, the first one thinks of when talking about relaxing herbal teas. With two teaspoons of dried chamomile flowers per cup, a state of maximum serenity is reached.

Some don't really like the flavor, in which case you can choose the lemon balm / verbena couple which, as a stress reliever, works great. At 7 euros on Amazon, you can buy 20 sachets.

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