Piedmontese mixed fry

Piedmontese mixed fry

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Piedmontese mixed fry: the original traditional recipe, the best restaurants where to eat it and many tips to prepare it at home.

The Piedmontese call it Fricassà mëscià and it is a typical dish of Piedmontese cuisine. Although many bloggers classify it as in the category of "appetizers" or "main courses", themixed fried Piedmontese, when prepared according to tradition, it is a unique dish.

Mixed fried Piedmontese, the origins

To know theoriginal recipeit is necessary to go back to the origins: it is a dish of the ancient popular tradition that can still be found today.

The dish spread when the animals were slaughtered by the same peasant families who raised them. Offal was used, to be fried, so as not to have to throw anything away.

Large animals such as lamb, pig and calf, after slaughter, were divided to ensure the sustenance of the entire family without throwing anything away. Sweetbreads (thyme), kidneys (kidneys), veins (spinal cord), brain, liver, testicles and other entrails, were breaded in breadcrumbs or cornmeal and fried in oil.

Currently it is no longer so easy to find the entrails of animals, moreover, with the passage of time and the spread of well-being, the traditional recipe has undergone important changes. Mixed fry has seen the disappearance of some offal in favor of the addition of meats and sausages. Various vegetables and other typical Piedmontese products such as apples and amaretti were then added.

In recent years, the composition of the Piedmontese mixed fried foodhas expanded even further, it can also count pieces of sweet, fruit or freshwater fish, available in the lakes of Piedmont.

Mixed fried Piedmontese, ingredients

Based on the time of year, the availability of ingredients and the tastes of those who work in the kitchen, thePiedmontese mixed fried foodcan count several pieces. The most complete composition sees:

  • liver (fricassà neira)
  • lung (white fricassà)
  • kidney
  • sausage
  • meatballs
  • brain
  • sweetbreads
  • strands
  • batsoà
  • grains
  • rack of lamb
  • Lamb ribs
  • chicken breast
  • tip of cauliflower and other seasonal vegetables
  • eggplant
  • French fries
  • fried snails
  • sweet semolina (polenta dossa, friciolìn)
  • sweet chocolate semolina
  • Savoyard filled with jam
  • custard
  • veal slice
  • fried frog legs
  • trout
  • eel
  • bleak
  • porcini mushrooms
  • apples
  • dried peaches
  • dried apricots
  • macaroon

Generally thePiedmontese mixed fried foodis accompanied by sautéed seasonal vegetables even if theoriginal recipeit does not include a mixture of vegetables, but the simplest and most peasant carrots.

Once you have obtained the ingredients and prepared the breading (with breadcrumbs and corn flour), you can fry the Piedmontese mixture following our instructions on the pageTips for frying well.

Where to eat Piedmontese mixed fried food

It is very easy to find restaurants that offer the Piedmontese mixed fried foodas foreseen by the food and wine tradition of the Piedmont Region.

If you are wondering where to eat this typical meal we point out the best restaurants reviewed on Tripadvisor and which, on the menu, are able to offer Piedmontese mixed fry as tradition dictates. These restaurants were chosen because in their comments, users expressed specific appreciation on thePiedmontese mixed fried food. The restaurants where to eat Piedmontese mixed fried food they are scattered throughout the Piedmont area.

  • From Esterina, Via Roma 25, Baldissero Torinese
  • Defilippi Restaurant, Strada Rivalba 8, Gassino Torinese
  • From Conrado, Via Roma 10, Berzano di San Pietro
  • Da Mario, Via San Carpoforo 51, Cantavenna
  • From Enrico, Via Roma 50, Zimone
  • Castle Restaurant, Via Maestra 7, Pavarolo
  • Trattoria San Martin, Via San Martino, 19/1, Settimo Rottaro
  • Farmhouse Tetti Cellaro, Cascina Tetti Cellaro 58, Poirino
  • Agritor Ed Pinareul Arios, Via Talucco Alto, 36, Pinerolo

Please Note. The Piedmontese mixed fry is richer in autumn and winter, when offal derived from animal slaughter is more abundant.

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