Dog snoring

Dog snoring

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Dog snoring, in addition to husband or wife: yes, it can happen. It is not the first discomfort one thinks of when deciding to adopt a tender puppy greedy for cuddles, but there is the risk, and not too rare, of being with a being who snores when we look our favorite movie on TV or when we would like to sleep peacefully.

Dog snoring too much

A Dog snoring it is actually quite frequent to find. It is one thing to emit a slight, almost imperceptible hum every now and then, another is to cover the noise of the radio and go beyond the walls of the rooms.

There is nothing to worry about when a dog snores too much, and not even to get impatient. It can happen as it happens with people and with just the same attitude, we can go in search of tricks and remedies that make us survive if we find ourselves with a Dog snoring too much. If the situation becomes chronic and unbearable, nothing prevents us from taking him to the vet.

Dog snoring: causes

Very often behind a Dog snoring there is a physiological reason, so I'm not saying we have to give up, but almost. We can find some tricks to weaken the effect.

Other rarer but existing causes for canine snoring are the presence of heart or lung disease or an obstructive respiratory syndrome. Especially this last problem is particularly frequent in some breeds, the brachycephalic ones. A Dog snoring it can also be subject to excessive relaxation of the soft palate.

Dog snoring: remedies

Before implementing one of the remedies that we illustrate now, it is better to ascertain that ours Dog snoring does not have one of the serious diseases listed above as possible causes, otherwise it would be necessary to have him examined by a veterinarian. If the reasons for snoring are physiological, let's see what remains for us to do.

Sometimes it works for humans too, the trick of to change the position of the snorer, even just a little. For dogs it's about do not let them sleep on their stomachs but on their stomachs, because the one with the back to the ground is a posture that favors the onset of breathing difficulties. The cold dog often snores, and in this case the cold must be treated so that the mucus and also the noise disappear.

Dog snoring: tips

If we are people who cannot tolerate snoring, whether it is human or canine, the advice is to avoid predisposed breeds. Morphologically predisposed. Prevention, in this case, is the best thing. The dogs to "avoid" and then not regret having taken them with us when they wake us up in the middle of the night with their snoring, are those with a crushed snout, like the Pug, to understand, an animal that snores in all positions, at any time.

Other breeds to be noted to avoid one Dog snoring are Boxer, Pekingese, Shih-Tzu and others like it. They have a very small nasal cavity which causes them to make noise as soon as they let out air even just by breathing.

There are those who submit their four-legged friend on purpose to a surgery, it is not a demanding operation but it is always better to ask the vet if it is appropriate to carry it out. And above all to understand whether to put a dog under the knife just because it is a Dog snoring.

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