Grow primroses in pots

Grow primroses in pots

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Grow primroses in pots: instructions for the cultivation of primrose. The species with the longest flowering and advice on care and planting.

Theprimrosesthey are very popular for iflowerswith bright colors, for the green leaves and why…. require little care! Small seedlings ofprimrosesfromrepotand place in balcony planters or for aflowered windowsill.

Primroses species and classification

The genre Primrosebelongs to the Primulaceae family. These plants are native to the temperate areas of Europe, Asia and America. To the genrePrimrosethere are hundreds of herbaceous, perennial, evergreen or deciduous species.

The species of primrosewidespread in nature are thePrumula verisand thePrimula vulgaris.

During a walk in the woods, primula veris and primula vulgaris can be found in bloom towards the end of February. For home cultivation, we do not recommend primula veris and primula vulgaris, although they are very beautiful, they have a rather short flowering.

At the most well-stocked nurseries and garden centers, it is possible to choose species ofprimroseslong flowering. Among the best we point out the Primula obconica and the Prumula malacoides. Both of these species can offer onefloweringwhich lasts from mid-winter until the end of May. If you prefer the cultivation of primrose starting from the seed, sachets can also be purchased on Amazon by searching for the "primula malacoides " in the gardening category of the site.

Useful link from Amazon: primulamalacoides seeds

How to grow potted primroses

Primroses lend themselves perfectly tocultivation in pots, preferably in groups so as to offer even more showy blooms.

You can hypothesize the planting of as many primroses as you want, just respect precise dimensions of the jarwhich must be:

  • At least 25 cm deep.
  • At least 24 cm wide.
  • As long as you want, it depends on the amount of primroses you intend to plant. Calculate that between one primrose and the other you must leave 10 cm of distance.

After purchasing the plants ofprimrosedo the firstrepotting. Prepare the pot for planting with three simple steps:

  1. Cover the drainage holes using shards of broken pots or gravel or expanded clay. It is a thin drainage layer designed to prevent water stagnation.
  2. Fill the pot or planter with a mixture of three parts of peat, one part of universal soil and one part of sand. The soil must reach up to 2.5 - 3 cm from the edge of the pot.
  3. Using a shovel (or your hands, wearing a pair of gloves), make holes and arrange the plants inside the box. The holes must have a depth of at least 15 cm or at least enough to accommodate all the bread of earth that accompanies the roots of the primrose plants purchased.

Remember to leave 10 cm of distance between one plant and another. Compress the soil well after the first planting and irrigate abundantly without wetting the flowers.

Primroses in pots, care

The primrose wants a position in partial shade (in nature it grows in the undergrowth, receives light but always filtered), does not fear the cold and must be watered regularly.

From spring onwards, irrigate without letting the soil dry out completely.

Forfertilizeuse a liquid fertilizer for flowering plants to be diluted in irrigation water. Better if you choose a liquid fertilizer (easier to dose) and even better if of vegetable origin. Among the various products on the market we point out the liquid fertilizer "Feed One“, Excellent for primroses, cyclamen and many other flowering plants. Obviously the fertilizer used does not necessarily have to be “nutri One”, any fertilizer with organic and mineral support (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) NPK 5.5 - 5 - 7.5 will suffice.

Primula, meaning of flowers

The meaning of the primrose in the language of flowers indicates a good omen for a nascent friendship. This is because the Primrose generates flowers announcing the arrival of the summer, it is no coincidence that it blooms in the second half of winter and flowering continues into late spring.

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