Homemade foamed milk

Homemade foamed milk

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Homemade foamed milk: how to make frothed milk at home, without professional appliances. How to make cold or hot frothed milk to prepare a tasty cappuccino with foam.

At the bar, thecappuccino with foamthey do this with a professional machine that has a steam wand capable offrothing hot or cold milk. At home we have to settle for less professional accessories that succeed with someextra effortto return ahomemade foamed milkcreamy and tasty.

Homemade foamed milk

We have several ways tofroth milk, each of these has its "price". Let's see immediately what you need to make cappuccino with foam at home and how to proceed. For each accessory we will explain the operating mechanism by pointing out what according to the opinions of users (and also in my opinion) is offered to the public with a better value for money.

Milk frother cup

It must be operated with rapid and energetic movements, not suitable for those who, in the morning, wake up without strength and do not even know where to start the day!

The milk frother is made up of a glass or metal cup, covered by a plunger that must be brought first up and then down with sudden movements. It succeeds infrothing cold or hot milk, without distinction.

We point out the Newtripod milk frother cup shown in the photo above. It is made of stainless steel and is offered on Amazon at a price of € 14.55 with shipping costs included. For cold or hot frothed milk, the milk can be heated in the same device. Not bad if we consider that the same model, Bialetti offers it at a price of about 25 euros.

Immersion milk frother

This device runs on battery and, to be clear, is the one shown in the photo above. You have to do a little practice to learn how to use it, but it gives great satisfaction: thanks to the foam produced it can more than double the volume of milk and I speak from personal experience!

At the time of use it is important that the washer is located just below the surface of the milk, the purpose is to incorporate as many air bubbles as possible into the liquid: this is how the milk becomes frothy and above all foamy! Tilt the cup and move the rotating washer up and down.

On Amazon, the one offered by the brandSeverinyou buy with 9.90 euros with free shipping.

Induction milk frother

Can docold frothed milkor hot depending on your preferences. Heat the milk. It produces foam in seconds and is perfect for those who do not like to wait and have little patience in the kitchen.

Among the products on the market we point out the Clatronic induction milk frother with a 700 ml glass. It has the advantage of having a compact design and taking up little space.

On Amazon it is offered at a price of 53 euros with shipping costs included in the price. The white model (since there are fewer pieces left) can be bought for 59.21 euros. The difference is only in the color so… if you like savings, go for black!

Useful link from Amazon: Clatronic Induction Milk Frother

The product is shown in the photo above and lets you docold and hot frothed milk.

Frothed milk in the blender

Themilk with foamit can also be done with the classic blender. In fact, I tried but I didn't get the desired result… however, many food bloggers claim that a classic blender can froth in milk or cappuccino. Maybe I was just unlucky ... Yet I use a very good type blenderblender! If you already have a blender at home, it won't hurt to try. Ah… in this case it would be possible to prepare only hot milk with foam.

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