Peter Pan Syndrome: Symptoms and Phrases

Peter Pan Syndrome: Symptoms and Phrases

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Peter Pan syndrome, easy to imagine the symptoms but much less the causes. There are many commonplaces and misconceptions about the origins of this attitude of "big babies", it happens that the blame often falls on the mother, but it is not always the case. Rather. And having a rather protective mother is certainly not an excuse to be lulled into Lifetime Peter Pan Syndrome. To date, it seems that men and the over forties suffer from it, showing themselves more immature than expected. Peter Pan, Disney character eternal boy,has remained their idol, even if they don't always admit it.

Peter Pan syndrome: what it is

People afflicted by the Peter Pan syndrome they are what we can also define as eternal adolescents although, looking at their identity card, they have not been for a long time. We want to understand therefore men and women over 40, usually, they behave in an immature way refusing the idea of ​​growing up.

They hate taking responsibility, they do not want to fill roles that require it and, if so, they pretend they can not care, not considering the consequences that this attitude can have on their lives and on the people around them.

If society rightly sees them as adults, they cthey keep seeing themselves as children, “Young men”, preserving ways of thinking, doing and acting typical of adolescents. To suffer from Peter Pan syndrome they are more often men than women, or perhaps some simply do it more clearly than the others. Then, in practice, it is all to be seen.

A classic for those who have the Peter Pan syndrome, is the thought selfish, taking care only of themselves in a way I would not say bad but more narcissistic than anything else. We want to have fun and amuse ourselves without thinking too much about the consequences. The Peter Pans are not foresighted and thoughtful, they follow the path it gives thempleasure and immediate joy and it doesn't matter if they will pay for this choice in work, in the family, in the life of a couple.

Peter Pan syndrome: symptoms

Including what it generally means to have the Peter Pan syndrome, let's see when it is named so to speak and when instead we are faced with a pathological situation in which to try to change things. And mature. There magical dimension of childhood it sure sounds wonderful but it can also keep us away from reality.

This results in a series of drawbacks which, on the practical side, are not acceptable. There are no bills and deadlines, in world of Peter Pan, few responsibilities at work and even less on our state of health. Even at the table, the Peter Pan syndrome reap its victims because when you are no longer a teenager, if the mind does not want to accept it, the body knows it well and can no longer hold up like at 18.

Attitudes that must make us suspect the presence of a serious form of Peter Pan syndrome are a strong propensity for fun and adolescent games, like children, which in itself could also be manageable if it were not combined with a tendency to escape from difficulties desperately looking for someone to take care of us in life.

Another very common syndrome today is those of Burnout but it has totally different symptoms. Impossible to get confused!

Peter Pan syndrome: love

Often the Peter Pan syndrome leads to the status of "single", but it is not obvious. In fact, it is more a matter of attitude and self-conception "Bachelors" even if in fact it is a couple. Companion or companion next to you, you continue to put yourself and your fun as the only and prevailing priority.

This does not necessarily lead to a couple crisisIndeed, there are people who are well combined, indeed, appreciate, those who suffer from Peter Pan Syndrome and maybe they chose him for that reason, electing themselves as a person of authority and reference for the eternal child who are next door.

Peter Pan syndrome: cure

Before understanding what cure there is for Peter Pan syndrome One wonders if those who suffer from it want to be treated or treated. Perhaps, he likes to be so carefree, leaving other "Captain Hook" worries and responsibilities. A fairytale life! Until the Pirates meet or do not clash with reality.

Peter Pan syndrome: sentences

You can stock up on phrases from Peter Pan watching it on DVD the Adventures, also available online on Amazon for 11 euros. One of all, there is one with which I agree 100%: "The moment you doubt you can fly, you also cease to be able to fly. " For those who love fairy tales, there is one not to be missed, that of Ugly duckling, also very educational

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